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Creating video content is a full time job, which is why it's important to know how to re-use your content for all your communication channels, as well as future projects.

The Qbrick Video Platform offers a true end to end video solution, giving your company the tools to store, live stream and create content with the extended benefits of in depth analytics, speech to text subtitling along with the interactive editor as well. 

While the QVP is a great tool to store and distribute content, there are other channels that can be useful in order to extend the reach and longevity of what you publish. In other words, by utilizing the greater social media landscape you can make sure that that your video reaches a wider audience while also creating “free” content based on the original clip. Depending on what platforms you approach, they all come with their own benefits, formats and audiences. Having these things in mind while tailoring your posts ensures great results. 

Re-use, resize, recycle

Let’s put it in a more concrete way. You’ve filmed an interview and edited it together in the form of a 10-minute clip. The video covers a plethora of topics and goes in depth on different subject. This an optimal video to store on the QVP (Qbrick Video Platform) as you can distribute and embed it with a wide range of options. Now, to publish the interview on a platform like Instagram you might want to edit down the video to a more sizable clip. It could be done by lifting out a specific segment or doing a highlight reel of some of the talking points. 

After this, it might be a good idea to cut it down even further creating teaser clips suitable for platforms like TikTok, Youtube Shorts or stories. 

When it comes to posting videos on different social media channels, there are other tips and tricks that you can delve into. Thinking about how your videos work on mute is one thing. Learn more about this here.

Now you have (at least) two new tendrils out grabbing people’s attention to your original interview, while also manifesting a great social media presence in the process. The best thing is, you can even create these bitesize clips using the Qbrick Editor – deleting any need for external software or added editing costs. 

Super charge your existing content

And it doesn’t have to end there, having the original video on the QVP you can also make it interactive, offering viewers the ability to jump to specific topics that pique their interest. This is easily done within the QVPs Interactive editor where you’re given full control over what choices the viewer should be able to make. Aside from navigation, adding call-to-action elements is another way to increase interactivity and follow through. 

Regardless of what strategy you choose to go with, the once traditional and linear interview can evolve into a higher plane of existence – providing added value both for you and your customers. 


Andreas Bard

Video editor and content creator

Andreas Bard (Qbrick Production Team) is a video editor and content creator based in Stockholm.

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