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Give your video projects a home base, where you can add all the apps you need to manage, improve and broadcast your videos. When it’s time to share your content, you can use our embedding options to customize how you want the video player to look and function.

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By gathering your video projects in the same place, you make it easier to collaborate and create video magic. Inside the platform you can edit your videos, make them interactive, or add auto-generated, customizable subtitles.

We chose Qbrick because it was a safe choice. The technology is robust and they’re a steady actor that was well known on the market

Silje Ensrud, Press Manager at Apotek1

Sharing video have never been easier or looked better

Copy + paste code

When you upload a video to the Qbrick Video Platform, you get a unique embedding code for each media. Choose embed or iframe and post it wherever you want.

Make your player look good

Setup different configurations for the Qbrick video player and choose which ones work best for you and your target audience.

Don't miss an SEO opportunity

All your video metadata comes with your embedded video, boosting your SEO.

Light as a feather

Our video player weighs about the same as a small jpg, meaning that it won’t burden your web visitors with additional loading times.

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