Create memorable experiences with customised live streaming.

Live webinars don’t have to feel long and repetitive. Qbrick offers live streaming with unique features to engage and entertain your viewers until the very end. Use interactive graphics, live Q&As and create an experience that leaves your audience wanting more.

Feel secure in your streaming partner

Best quality

Qbrick’s live transcoding technology makes sure your viewers get the best quality available for their connection.


Maybe you don’t want your stream to be publicly available? With Qbrick you can protect your stream with tokens & IP restrictions.

Ad free

Don’t worry about ads or inappropriate recommendations being shown to your viewers. Unless you want to connect an ad solution.


Customise your player configurations to match your brand and feature needs. Customise even further with embedded settings.

You need a solution for broadcasting, which has specific, engaging features for your participants. (..) So why not work with the best people out there?

Edoardo Montenegro, Senior consultant at Workz

Live to on-demand & "live on tape"

Different events call for different solutions. With Qbrick you can go full live or choose to pre-tape your event and premiere it on your website as a live stream (we call it live on tape). Your viewers won’t know the difference! When the live is over, you can choose to offer a full replay as an on-demand video instantly.

Live questions and polls

Questions & polls

Perfect for webinars, live interviews and podcasts. Engage your audience and get their feedback in real time with the Q&A app. Set up questions and poll options to be pushed out to your audience. Once you have your results, you can broadcast them too!

Marketing made simple

Even after the live stream is over, you can still attract new viewers. Take short snapshots of your video and share to social media. Use the interactive editor to create visually pleasing ad banners or download links and presentation slides to use in your marketing. Marketing your streams never been easier!

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