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We’ve helped a big number of companies and organisations host live events – both big and small.

Live transcoding

Avoid buffering! Our service will transform your input signal into multiple stream qualities to ensure the most optimal viewer experience, like magic!

Live 2 File

What happens when the stream ends? With our service you can choose to keep your content as an on-demand video immediately after the event is completed.

Live Manager

Use our app for easy management of your live streams. Scroll down to find out more about the Live Manager.

Questions and Polls

Use the QnA app to push out question forms and polls to your viewers - live! Scroll down or click here to find out more.


Live Manager

Take control of your stream with ease. For experts and beginners alike.

Live Manager

Start and stop your stream

Create share-able teasers during the stream

Use interactive buttons and graphics

Use our expertise for your next live event


Choose the level of support your organisation needs! Do it all yourselves with the Live Manager, or choose to get online or on-site support from our team.


With Qbrick, you can trust that you’re getting professional and reliable products and support for your live streams.


We take the motto “video first” seriously! Unlike a lot of our competitors, we have a professional in-house production team; ready to help you with your productions and live events.

Live streaming

Live Questions and Polls

Interact with your audience during the stream by gathering their feedback through in-video question forms and polls.

Their answers are collected and presented to you in the Q&A app, allowing you to answer and present results during the stream.

Questions and polls

Stream with Qbrick

For a reliable and support focused partner.

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