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What is it?

How does the Video Platform work? What is it? And what can you achieve as a Qbrick Video Platform customer?


Attach users to multiple accounts under the same umbrella. Administrate viewing rights to fit your work flow.

Advanced metadata

Our platform gives your videos superpowers; like meta data! Search for titles, tags and custom properties! Build your own website archives with precision.

Dynamic playlists

Specify certain criteria for what videos should be dynamically added to your playlist – and watch it grow with relevant content over time. 

Add-on apps

Fill up your account like a backpack with apps that fit your work flow and organisation. Interactive video, live streaming, video editing, speech-to-text, and more.

Qbrick Video Player

Accessible for all!

It’s a wonderful new age of digital directives for accessibility standards in web communication. It’s wonderful because, when successful, it allows everyone to reach your content in a fair way! But it does put pressure on your organisation to comply with these directives. With our automatic transcription tool and accessible video player – you can avoid a lot of unnecessary angst – and save time!

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Build with our open APIs

Everything in our platform is built using our own APIs – which means that everything we do in our platform, you can build into your own web page, service or platform.


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