A home for all your video projects.

Video storage and collaboration.

Securely store, manage, and share your videos internally and externally – using the Qbrick Video Platform.

Video Management

Do a video search - and you shall find!

Video management means more to us than just naming and numbering folders. Our platform gives your videos superpowers; like meta data! Search for titles, tags and custom properties!

Dynamic playlists.

Playlists are amazing! And when they’re dynamic, they’re even better! Specify certain criteria for what videos should be dynamically added to your playlist – and watch it grow with relevant content over time.

Dynamic video playlists
Video statistics

Data, data, data!

In this new-ish world of digital marketing – data is EVERYTHING. Take ownership of your video data with Qbrick analytics – and become a more effective communicator.

The video player.

Qbrick has been an online video company for 20+ years! Our video player has certainly stood the test of time. With customisable player configurations and styling – we can make sure that you’re getting what your company needs to succeed.

video player
Video editor

Film and edit your own videos!

You’re a “can-do” company! And you know that with the increase in demand for video content – not ALL of your video productions can be sourced externally. And that’s why you want to start creating your own videos with Qbrick’s app and video editor.

Unlock interactivity!

Our video player has support for interactivity. Use our interactive editing tool to create custom interactive buttons and experiences (see video shopping here) to engage your viewers.

Live streaming

Live broadcast.

We have a long history of live event hosting, both big and small. Our clients know that they can count on the durability of our platform, which gives them the confidence to focus less on tech and more on “SHOW”. We have tools that can help you manage your own live streams, as well as engage with your viewers through questions and polls.

Accessible for all!

It’s a wonderful new age of digital directives for accessibility standards in web communication. It’s wonderful because, when successful, it allows everyone to reach your content in a fair way! But it does put pressure on your organisation to comply with these directives. With our automatic transcription tool and accessible video player – you can avoid a lot of unnecessary angst – and save time!


Quickly summarized:


You’re here!


Upload videos, images and audio, crop clips, choose music, add graphical texts and much more…


Create interactive assets on top of your video – like buttons, images or custom coded content.


Manage your live streams and crop out important snapshots and share them instantly.


Get immediate feedback from your viewers during a live stream!


Generate subtitles from your videos and make changes in the transcript when needed.

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