We can fill all your video communication needs.

The complete End2end Video Platform

The QVP is a flexible solution for companies using videos for any type of communication needs.

It can be used by a single person/team or as a distributed system enabling a collaborative video communications strategy.


Video management

Store all your company’s videos in one place. Our library system is easy to navigate and divide into relevant catalogs. Search, tag and adjust as you like!

Video player

PLAY2 is a fully responsive HTML5 based player with Flash fallback. It supports features such as Interactivity, 360 video, DRM, WCAG and more. You can also style your own player to maximize your own branding image.

Video editor

Edit your video using templates and ready-to-use branding assets. In a few minutes, you’ll have a professional video – ready for publication.


See how your videos perform in real time or over a longer period of time. You can even see how your video performance looks like across the social media platforms you might use.


Distribute videos via our integrated Content Distribution Network (CDN) built for high performance and scalability.


Manage your video platform from anywhere using the intuitive web based interface or automate using RESTful APIs to seamlessly connect with your existing internal business systems.

Choose complex solutions or keep it simple.




Qbrick app & editor

create your own videos with just a few clicks.

Qbrick production

order custom videos and graphics from our team.

Qbrick platform

upload manage and organize all your media in one place.

Interactive video player

take control and be the boss of your own video sharing.

Live video streaming

capture your audience in real time.

We all know the phrase “Content is King” but...

…the fact is that: “content is also cash”. There are lots of factors that goes into the bucket that we can label as “cost for video content”, and the range is huge. A commercial production for a large enterprise could cost upwards of €500,000 whilst a shorter branding video might cost €5,000. Production costs will depend on the type of video that you need – creating the story board, the location, crew, equipment, amount of pre-production, editing, sound, post-production etc. This is only listing the cost components and then we have the expected revenue it will generate. Regardless, we can all agree that the aggregated level of investments into this area is definitely equal to other asset investments you might do such as machinery, IT, personnel or facilities. 

With this insight you might ask yourself how you manage your investments in these areas vs. how you manage your video assets? The answer is often that you treat your video assets as any other data file that you might have. It’s often stored on a common drive or even worse, on an individual’s laptop, in both cases potentially not backed up. Does that then mean managing video is all about secure storage? The answer is obviously NO. Managing video is all about making sure to maximize the return on your communication investments and hence you need to have a solution in place to unleash the full potential.

Fredrik Fagerlund, CEO

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