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Record and edit your videos in our platform. Then turn those videos into an interactive experience. All of this in one place?!


Organize your videos in folders and playlists. Transcribe and subtitle your videos. Create a showcase channel for your best videos.

Share & embed

Share your videos with the world! Copy a link to share, or embed all your videos on your website in just a few clicks. It just works!


Get detailed and valuable analytics of both on-demand videos and live streams. Learn more about your viewers & optimize results.

Create videos

Record videos in our recorder. Edit and enhance your clips in our online editor – with helpful templates, generative AI, typography and other graphical assets. Or start fresh with stock footage from our library!

You can also create interactive videos in Qbrick Interact!

Adobe Express AI
Interactive scenes

Create interactive courses, demos, quizzes, showcases & reports in Qbrick Interact

Build your interactive video in scenes. Each scene is shown as a video thumbnail, with connecting lines that show how it links to other scenes.

This makes it easier to see the paths your viewers will follow. It also makes it easier to switch out content when necessary!

Produce & stream engaging webinars

Imagine what you can do with our interactive features & live chat. No more one-way video content! Engage with your viewers in new and exciting ways.

Generate transcriptions and subtitles automatically

Skip the boring part (writing for hours) and use our AI to make sure everyone understands your video.

Drive real results with accurate data

Get detailed and valuable analytics of both on-demand videos and live streams.

Learn more about your viewers, like where they´re from, how they watch your videos and what type of videos they like the best.

Video analytics


Interact starter

499 € /Mo*

*Invoiced yearly, excluding VAT

Interact plus

799 € /Mo*

*Invoiced yearly, excluding VAT


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Recommended for larger companies and organisations within the public sector.

*Invoiced yearly, excluding VAT

Build the video strategy you and your audience deserve.

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