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Analytics are the basis of a strong video strategy. Create videos – learn – optimize – repeat!

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Get detailed and valuable analytics of both on-demand videos and live streams.

Who’s watching?

Learn more about your viewers, like where they´re from, how they watch your videos and what type of videos they like the best.

Dissect your videos

By learning about drop off points and completion rates you’ll understand what content works and why.

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Video analytics

"We see that working with video is useful and we get our message across effectively. We assigned goals for the total number of viewers, readers and listeners and we have reached those goals."


“From the first year, to this year, we had more than 40% more signing up for the event.”

Danish agency for IT & learning

“Video is without a doubt what creates the most engagement from our followers. And the support from Qbrick has been excellent.”

Norsk toppfotball

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