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Analysing your videos should be the foundation of every video strategy. What´s the point of publishing videos if you don’t learn from them? With our Video Analytics, you’ll get a full grasp of what works and why, and a simple dashboard you can base your future video decisions on.

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Go beyond the view count

Analyse live & on-demand

Get detailed and valuable analytics of both on-demand videos and live streams.

Who’s watching?

Learn more about your viewers, like where they´re from, how they watch your videos and what type of videos they like the best.

Dissect your videos

By learning about drop off points and completion rates you’ll understand what content works and why.

We see that working with video is useful and we get our message across effectively. We assigned goals for the total number of viewers, readers and listeners and we have reached those goals.

Silje Ensrud, Press Manager at Apotek1

An entire analytics toolbox

‍👨‍👦  Hits and unique viewers 

✅  Completes 

👀  % Watched 

❎  Drop off points 

📊  Average bitrate 

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