Analyze and learn from viewer data.
Video analytics

Live and OD

Get detailed and valuable analytics of both on-demand videos and live streams.

Real time metrics

See how your videos are performing in real time after publishing them.

Who are your viewers?

Use our analytics to find out who your viewers are, where they’re from and how they’re consuming your content.

Data is king

To know is to understand. Use what you learn from our analytics to make decisions that boost your sales.

Analytics for video and live streams

See how well a specific video is performing with valuable real-time metrics, and use this information to create better content for your viewers.

Analytics UI
Account wide analytics

Measure the overall performance of your video content. Learn more about your viewers and their geographical and technological locations, as well as management based information for reporting.

Woman reading information

Who’s winning?

See a list of the best performing videos on your account and compare metrics.

Build with our APIs

Use our video analytics in your own system using our APIs.

Let’s talk about your video strategy.

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