Lightweight. WCAG compliant.

Small in size

Our video player weighs about the same as a small jpg. That means a lot for the speed of your site, and the possibilities you have for video communication in your business strategy. Our HTML5 player is fast, capable and jam-packed with user-focused features.

video player embedded on site

Unlock interactive video

WCAG compliant

Responsive controls

For a lot of businesses, smartphone visitors take up a large percentage of their client base. No worries! Your videos look good on desktop as well as on your phone. Our video player is fully responsive, meaning no features are left behind for smaller screens.

video player embedded on site and responsive

High control embedding

We pride ourselves in giving our users high-level access to service features. With our embedding options, you can decide exactly how you want it to look and function. Choose your visuals by uploading a custom thumbnail or using a screenshot from the video itself. Take control of your playback with autoplay, loop, silent audio, repeat and more.

embed options in video platform ui

Fully customizable!

Decide what looks best for your brand and website. We can change both colouring and control icons according to your tastes and brand guidelines.

different configurations of the video player

Adaptive bitrate

No unnecessary buffering! Our player chooses the best bitrate for your viewers’ connectability.

Built-in sharing

Get help to spread the message! Allow your viewers to share your video to social media.


Connect subtitles in different languages to your video and allow viewers to switch between them.


Connect audio tracks in different languages and allow viewers to switch between them.

This is why public organisations benefit from using our player:

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