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Lightweight & customisable player

Our video player has all the features of a heavy hitter, while weighing no more than a small jpg. Broadcast your content securely – and in style.

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The Qbrick Video Player makes your company look good:

Responsive controls

No matter if your visitors are using smartphone or desktop, we got you covered. Our Video Player is fully responsive, meaning it will look good on any type of device, and no features are left behind for smaller screens.

A good-looking player

Setup different configurations for the Qbrick Video Player and choose which ones work best for you and your target audience. And feel free to change both colouring and control icons to fit your brand guidelines.

WCAG compliant

Of course you want everyone to be able to receive your message. The Qbrick Video Player is WCAG compliant, which means you can use different tools to meet every need.

Light as a feather

Our Video Player weighs about the same as a small jpg, meaning that it won’t burden your web visitors with additional loading times.

High quality & always ad free

Ad free

We don’t show ads to your viewers! Our focus is on your content – and making sure your audience stays on your platform.

High quality

You & your viewers deserve the best experience possible. Serve them a sleek responsive WCAG video player, video formats for all social platforms, adaptive streaming & 4K video. 

Video quality settings

Cyber Secure Video Communication

We take your security seriously. The Qbrick Video Platform is developed, maintained and hosted within the European union. Read more about our GDPR & web accessibility compliance by clicking here:

"We chose Qbrick because it was a safe choice. The technology is robust and they’re a steady actor that was well known on the market."


“Qbrick has a great support team, and great service. We always feel that we get help when we need it, in a fast and efficient manner.”


"Video is without a doubt what creates the most engagement from our followers. And the support from Qbrick has been excellent."

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