Attract, activate and convert. Never leave the video.

The most flexible way to create interactive videos on the market.

Create buttons and share your interactive video in minutes.

Interactive buttons in video

Lead viewers to another page or video

Lead viewers to different parts of your video

Allow viewers to add products to a wishlist

Use templates or customise completely

Action on click

Each button can do something new

Integrate with your website

Video shopping

Endless possibilites

Everything from onboarding to product sales

Get to know Juska

Team member answers questions

Building tour

Click to move from room to room

From passive viewer to active participant.


By allowing your viewers to make choices and navigate to information that they’re interested in, you’re going to keep them around for longer.


You’re one step closer to conversion, and your viewer hasn’t even left the video yet.


… Or why not include conversion within the same video? Talk about an effective and entertaining all-in-one experience.

Interactive video user

Start making amazing videos!

It’s easier than you think.

Shopping Basket

“Get to know Juska”

“Building tour”

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