Boost sales with clickable videos.

Interactive editor

In-video CTA

No more static text. Lead your viewers to external pages, segments of your video or other media – within the video they’re already watching!


Create a weave of different choices for your viewers within the same video. Use this for gamification, chapters, product catalogs and more.

Boost engagement

Video is already the most popular way to consume information. With interactive video, statistics say, your viewers will watch your content for much longer.

Live & on-demand

Use interactive video in both on-demand videos and live events. Create everything beforehand, and push them out one-by-one in the Live manager.

Choose your own sales journey.

Marketers know, as soon as your website visitors enter your site, you want them to find the information they’re looking for as soon as possible. This is where engaging interactive video comes in. Present them with options and lead them where you want them to go. More engaging than chat bots, and more effective than regular video content.

Clickable buttons in sales video


Interactive video quiz.


Interactive building tour.


On-demand & Live video shopping

Video shopping is the art of offering products for sale in video form. Thanks to nifty technology, you’re able to do this in many forms. Live and on-demand! Mobile and desktop!

Qbrick Video Player

Your videos versus your competitors

Today, it’s all about standing out in a crowd of online businesses! Fill your website with interactive content to make sure your viewers come back for more.

Make effective Q&A videos, product catalogs, team introductions, financial reports, instructions, support funnels and much, much more.

Let's talk about interactive video!

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