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Why interactive video?

Create a memorable experience

Using interactive video will make your audience remember you, and want to come back for more. 

Boost engagement

Turn passive viewers into active participants and let them watch your video on their own terms. 

Measure everything

With every audience interaction, you get new data points. Learn about your audience and make decisions based on actual data. 

Have fun!

Making videos shouldn’t be a dull process. Create and edit your interactive videos in a fun and creative way in the Qbrick Platform. 

It’s memorable, these interactive videos definitely makes users and customers more likely to remember your brand.

Marie Beier Larsen, B2B Digital Coordinator at Pieces 

Pieces interactive video

Your interactive video toolkit


Let your viewer choose what content to consume, by creating different choices within the same video. Use this for gamification, chapters, product catalogs and more. 

In-video CTA

Stop presenting boring and static CTA:s. Lead your viewers to a sales page, other media or different segments of your video – within the video they’re already watching!

Quiz time!

Ask the viewer engaging questions through quizzes! Impart some valuable knowledge and make the viewing experience more fun for your audience.


Create stylish menu scenes that make it easier for viewers to navigate your content & find the information that they’re looking for. It’s the perfect start to any interactive video!


Do you want your viewers and website visitors to download a report or white paper? With interactive video you can embed download links in your video content.

Live & on-demand

Use interactive video in both on-demand videos and live events. Create everything beforehand, and push them out one-by-one using the Live manager. 

DIY or leave it to us

Choose what works for you! Explore your creative side and create your own interactive videos in our simple node based video editor – or leave the production work to our in-house team of experts.


How does it work?

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