Build your own solutions with Qbrick's open APIs.

We use them too.

Qbrick’s APIs are fantastically detailed and flexible. We wanted to base our entire video platform around them, so we did.

Everything in our platform is built using our own APIs – which means that everything we do in our platform, you can build into your own web page, service or platform.

qbrick video platform ui

Build your own video archive

Use our APIs to create your very own video archive or channel page. Choose to fetch all your videos, or just videos from specific folders or using specific tags.

Integrate with your cms

Use our APIs to create your own video upload- and publication flow from within your cms. All your videos will be stored in our secure platform, but you decide how and where you want to manage it.


All the features are there and open for customization. Choose which videos and metadata you want to use in your own build.

A secure backend

If you decide to use our APIs to build your own solution, using our video management system or analytics, we’ll be your secure backend platform.

Open and honest

Anyone can access and use our APIs. Ask your developers to look at our API documentation and start planning!

Take a look

Browse around in our API documentation and contact us when you’re ready to get going.

Here are some customers using our APIs today:

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