Make videos in minutes.

No diplomas or degrees needed.

More and more companies are deciding to do their own video productions. But it can be hard to get started, especially if it’s new territory. We make it easy for you!


Use the state-of-the-art camera you have in your pocket! When you use the Qbrick companion app (iOS), you can film your scenes and upload them immediately to your online editor project.


Our Video Editor is an online service, meaning that nothing takes up space on your local harddrive, and all your changes are saved in the cloud.


Our Video Editor is a part of the Qbrick Video Platform, meaning that all your finished videos can be stored, managed and enhanced using the apps that we offer in our platform. Why not take your finished video and make it interactive?

Woman filming with smartphone


Our priority is your brand! Choose to use your company logos, colors and fonts in your video project.


Drag what you need from the Editor menu to the Video timeline. Less fuss – more fun!


Add a screen recording of a presentation or software to your video. No need to go outside of the editor! Just press record.


Stand out in a crowd. Use unique animated name tags and text boxes with your brand colors and fonts.


Save time by using templates to recreate similar videos.


Need custom help? No problem. We’re not like other software companies.

Download the iOS companion app to avoid having to search your house for cords.

It’s a clean and simple way to film and upload your video scenes straight to your Video Editor project

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You don't have to be a "pro" anymore.

All you need is a good idea.

High quality camera in your pocket.

Today – you can use the camera on your smartphone to capture great, high quality videos. This has opened up the world of video production to everyone. You don’t have to be a “pro” anymore.

You don't need all that expensive gear.

Improving your audio is important – this is true. But an external mic doesn’t cost that much. All you have to do is plug it into your phone and pin it on the right person. Easy! We’re here for you if you need help getting it right.

Edit your video in minutes using our online editor.

Edit your video using templates and ready-to-use branding assets. In a few minutes, you’ll have a professional video – ready for publication. It’s easy, intuitive and for everyone.

Get help and guidance from our app.

With our iOS app the process is even easier! Choose the project you want to upload to – get some helpful tips before pressing record – upload your clips to your project and start editing. Wow!

Press record.

Using our iOS app you can record and upload your footage instantly. Get help and guidance from our video school tips before pressing record. Choose the project you want to upload to – and voilĂ  – you’re good to go.

Video editing can seem daunting.

The problem is that most online editing software is either developed for industry professionals or fans of collage apps. Where’s the middle ground? We wanted to create an online editing tool that helps companies create actual professional branded contentwithout having to go through years of schooling – or spend hours trying to figure buttons out.

Our app and editor combined with an extensive Media Library and customisable and flexible Video Player creates a complete End2End Video Platform – making your video creation experience a breeze.

We've worked hard to make our editor intuitive and easy-to-use for beginners and video veterans alike.

Cloud editing and storage

Don't worry about files or software taking up storage on your harddrive. It's all up there in the cloud! Keep all your company's videos and projects in one place.

Easy-to-use drag 'n drop interface

Find all the effects and assets you need in your editing menu - drag 'n drop down into the editing timeline. Easy!

Branded profiles

Logotypes, fonts, colors, intros and outros - it's all a part of your Qbrick profile - ready to use whenever you need it.

Custom templates

Sometimes you need a little help on the way - or maybe you're in need of creating a set of videos that all look similar. Use templates! Drag 'n drop clips onto template placeholders in the timeline. No fuss!

Social media publishing

Share your videos directly to your company's social media sites.

Video platform

Our Editor is a part of a complete End2End Video Platform - making sure you're getting everything you need to create, edit, store, publish and stream your video content.

You can literally make videos about anything.

Company presentations, products, instructions, employer branding, social media pushes, internal communication, holiday greetings… You name it! You make it!

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