Create engaging videos without all the hassle

Creating videos for your company can be a heavy task, and require several different, expensive tools to get started. But that doesn’t seem that effective. That’s why the Qbrick Video Editor allows you to make high production videos on your phone, upload via the cloud and start creating within minutes.

The easy way to create

We love it when companies decide to do their own video productions. But it can feel overwhelming and hard to get started, especially if it´s new territory. We want to make it easy for you!

Use your phone

Use the state-of-the-art camera you have in your pocket! When you use the Qbrick companion app (iOS), you can film your scenes and upload them immediately to your online editor project.

Everything is in the cloud

Our Video Editor is an online service, meaning that nothing takes up space on your local harddrive, and all your changes are automatically saved in the cloud.

App and platform at your service

Our Video Editor is a part of the Qbrick Video Platform, meaning that all your finished videos can be stored, managed and enhanced using the apps that we offer in our platform.

It’s just that easy. It’s easy to access, easy to upload videos, and everybody gets to see the videos easily

Jari Nyberg, Video Producer at Kuurojen Liitto library of sign language

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Features you'll love

Show off your brand

Our priority is your brand! Choose to use your company logos, colors and fonts in your video project.

Easy drag n’ drop

Drag what you need from the Editor menu to the Video timeline. Less fuss – more fun!

Built in screen recording

Add a screen recording of a presentation or software to your video. No need to go outside of the editor! Just press record.

Animated text

Stand out in a crowd. Use unique animated name tags and text boxes with your brand colors and fonts and make your video feel high production.

Time saving templates

Why reinvent the wheel for every video? Save time by using templates to recreate similar videos.

Support for every situation

Need custom help? No problem. We’re not like other software companies – we can help you with technical AND creative problems.

Choose the easy way to create

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