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Our interactive video platform helps B2B companies that want to measure the effects of their content through engaging and converting their audience. Compared to traditional video, which through you can only send out a simple message – interactive video will allow you to created customized experiences for your target audience. Say hello to the interactive video platform of the future!

We want to make the videos of the future more engaging & converting

For over 20 years we’ve worked with video communication – and we want to change the way you view video content. With a vision to create the world’s top-most converting & engaging platform for video content, we help B2B companies to effectively measure the effects of their video communication. When organisations successfully manage to stand out and engage their audience – magic happens!

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“Video is without a doubt what creates the most engagement from our followers. And the support from Qbrick has been excellent.”

Tina Wulf

Chief of communications

“We’re now asking the question “How can old practices be updated with interactive video?” It is easy to pull off while still looking professional due to the interactive video tool.”

Elin Ogéus

Chief of marketing

“Qbrick has a great support team, and great service. We always feel that we get help when we need it, in a fast and efficient manner.”

Jennie Petersson

Communications co-ordinator

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