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Our video platform offers an end-to-end* experience.

*From video creation, to management and viewer engagement.


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What is a complete video platform?

At it’s core, the Qbrick Video Platform is a home for all your company’s videos and video projects. Add the the Live manager to stream your live events, or the Interactive editor to create engaging interactive video content.

Video shopping around the clock.

At Qbrick we encourage content makers and marketers to entertain and entice shoppers at all hours of the day. Create engaging video shopping experiences for live and on-demand audiences to fill the gap between real-time events and all-day shopping.

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"...The related sports videos were clicked almost 92 000 times in a week. That broke the bank in a way. After that we've tried to share videos as much as we can.."

Riitta Vivolin Karén

Riitta Vivolin-Karén


"Video is without a doubt what creates the most engagement from our followers." "The support from Qbrick has been excellent."

Tina Wulf

Tina Wulf

Chief of communications

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“Qbrick has a great support team, and great service. We always feel that we get help when we need it, in a fast and efficient manner.”

Jennie Petersson


Communications co-ordinator

Here are the facts!

For your benefit and comfort we’ve gathered updated statistics on the rewards of video communication – all in one place!

Read up on the reasons why you should be pivoting your business marketing towards video.

Let’s talk about your video strategy.

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