Upping Your Video Marketing Skills To Take Part In Industry Trends

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Video continues to grow as one of the most effective strategies marketers can employ. With the results possible from quality video content, you stand to boost your conversion and sales rates to new levels.

When TigerFitness.com set out to compete with Amazon’s sales, for example, they created a series of content marketing videos on their social channels. Now, the online nutritional retailer experiences a staggering 60% customer return rate.

Your business can generate the same results through video content, but it will take advancing your video marketing skills to cash in on industry trends. Here, we explore these trends and how you can build the skills to use them.

Invest in more short-form video content

Short-form video is all the rage these days. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, audiences are shifting towards shorter content that allows them to glean information and humor in quick, punchy bites rather than lengthy sessions. Mastering the art of the short video can be instrumental in honing your video marketing strategy.

But first, you have to understand the medium and the skillset involved in crafting effective videos. Timing is everything, both in terms of how long the video is and when it is uploaded. This makes studying consumer data a must for devising the right strategy.

Additionally, the content itself must be compelling enough to reach a broader audience. One highly effective way to achieve this is to partner with influencers and make use of trending hashtags to get in on an existing audience and conversation. Show up where your audience is and wow them with an interesting video. The right affiliates and influencers can make this a breeze.

Invest in short-form video content to capitalize on modern trends. Do this by brushing up on the analytics surrounding short-form content, then expand your networking abilities as you reach out to influencers and audiences.

Make your videos shoppable

video shopping example

Wouldn’t it be great if audiences who enjoy your video content could interact with and shop those videos? With shoppable videos, that is now a reality. These interactive content pieces use video alongside the customization and ecommerce tools we have come to be familiar with in order to encourage sales directly within the context of the video. Users can touch an item, for example, and be taken to more information about the product or even proceed directly to a virtual check-out.

Shoppable videos require a more advanced understanding of video editing and video hosting features, however. You need to be able to build targets and links in an aesthetically pleasing fashion into the video interface. This should be simple for audiences to interact with and understand.

Curious about how you can create interactive videos? Check out some information on Qbrick’s editor for interactive videos here. With a user-focused editor like this one, you can customize your videos the way you want them, without having to learn advanced coding or employing the expensive help of experts.

Create a community through video content

With the world of social media out there for you to tap into, a host of user-generated content (UGC) is available to improve your content approach. River Island has achieved great success in integrating UGC into its video marketing approach. By placing this user-generated content directly on its front page along with shoppable videos and image galleries, the company has increased its conversion rate by 184%.

Allow influencers and customers to come to you, showing off your products and getting a boost from the spotlight you provide. Assembling and curating this content takes technical knowledge and expertise with content management systems. You need all your content to show up across your social media pages and platforms, and for that, you’ll need helpful tools. A headless content management system, for example, can help you atomize and customize the content you distribute in a time-effective capacity.

Qbrick’s Video Platform is built using our own APIs, opening up for integrations into whatever system you’re using at the moment; giving you secure video hosting, advanced video apps, integrations and customization in one product.

Find the right tools for hosting and distributing not only your compelling video content but that created by your community. As a result, you can overcome some of the challenges and limitations of video content and boost your conversion rates.

Use a video platform like Qbrick to gain access to leading video APIs, secure and flexible hosting and better video applications.

Focus on education

Online education is one of the most important trends of the modern era. COVID-19 aside, e-learning offers students and customers a chance to flexibly manage their own development and success. By focusing on education in your video content, you can tap into a market expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025 with a retention rate 25%-60% higher than in-person learning modules.

Video learning can be honed to fit even short-form video content. By addressing real concerns or points of confusion for your customers in educational and entertaining little bits, you can maximize the success of your marketing strategy. This will require comprehensive video editing skills, however, which ironically can also be learned online. Check out our video series on how to create better video content here.

By focusing on education in the context of your video marketing content, you’ll have greater success in cultivating an engaged community surrounding your business. Start by researching helpful customer education topics, then speak to these in quality videos.

online video shopping

Build excitement through virtual events

Video is an amazing marketing tool. Not only can we craft precise and targeted content meant to reach a broad audience but we can also engage with an audience in real-time. Virtual events through video — a staple of the post-COVID world — can be a great way to address questions, create engagement, and build hype. These live events can even generate views long-term as on-demand content after the fact.

Virtual events are one of the best uses for video in business marketing. Get in on this trend to build the hype, but first, you’ll need to develop your ability to speak for a live audience while engaging with social media. The right software and video platform will help.

These five trends and strategies can all help you up your video marketing game to make the most of the digital marketplace. Hone your video editing, communication, and data analytics skills to improve your capacity to take part in these trends. Then, watch your conversion rates climb.


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