How to best use video in your business marketing in 2021

This is a post about the best ways to use video for your business marketing in 2021!
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Before last year the market was already moving towards becoming digitally focused. But then, as we all know, the pandemic happened, and the market was hit with a universal whiplash effect.

Suddenly, digital wasn’t just preferred, it was the only available option. And businesses of all shapes and sizes had to reconsider their marketing efforts.

Perhaps, some of these businesses were asking themselves questions similar to this:

How do we engage the online public? How do we draw them in? How do we keep them on our site? And how do we convince them to give our services a try?

Although digital marketing isn’t (and wasn’t) a new phenomenon to most businesses; in the age of the pandemic, it became essential to not just recycle marketing methods of old on a new platform, but to take advantage of digital tools and master the inherent benefits of digital marketing.

One of the best and most versatile method of online communication is: video.

With video your business can reach a wider audience and keep them engaged for longer. With video storytelling you have the ability to create a bond with your customers, making return visits more likely.

But maybe you’re not 100% familiar with the medium and need some guidance on what to do, and how to use it in your marketing? Here are some tips on how to best use video marketing for your business in 2021:

Draw customers in with video on your landing pages

video on landing page

One may think that a good website in itself should explain everything worth knowing about a company. However not all businesses are created equal and some business ideas might need a bit more explanation to get their point across. This is where video really shines.

Whether it is a talking head interview, fully animated video or a combination the two, the usefulness of video will help clarify a business idea while also setting you apart from the competition; boosting your chances of hooking potential clients early and encouraging them to further explore the website and do a deep-dive into your business.

One way of improving the likelihood of this is to make that video interactive!

Interactive video

Interactivity offers near endless ways to engaging viewers. You could have a video where you first introduce the basics of the company and then present multiple choices on what to learn next. Maybe create a quiz that helps narrow down what’s relevant to the viewer, guiding them to the part of your business they are looking for. Or maybe have an interactive “interview” with some of the employees that can both personalize the company and give even more value for the costumer?

These are only a few examples of how interactive video can be used in helping your company boost engagement – directly from your landing page. With access to Qbrick’s Interactive Editor your company has the tools to create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Video on product pages

video on product page

Once a potential client has found its way to one of your product pages they’re faced with deliberation.

Why should I buy this product? Why should I buy it from them? What guarantees are there that they will deliver what they promise?

Even if this process is mostly subconscious it plays a crucial part in whether or not someone will do business with you. A key element to overcoming this is trust.

Video is an excellent tool in order to build product trust, and in more than one way. First of all, it can help explain what the product is. While a written description certainly fulfills a purpose for those who are interested in the more nitty gritty details, having a short introduction video will more efficiently demonstrate the products usefulness, both in a larger context and in a hands-on way.

Another perk of using video on product pages is that it allows the viewer to see how it works in-action. This is equally important when it comes to both physical products as well as digital (i.e., apps and other services) since a demo gives a peak into what the consumer can expect from the final product.

And this is how video and building trust goes hand in hand. Video as a format offers the ability to be transparent about what the product is and thorough about how it is used. Doing this makes the costumers choice easier, as someone who doesn’t shy away from showcasing what they’re actually selling usually come off as more reliable, benevolent and credible – which are key factors in building trust. 

Video shopping

Online shopping and e-commerce have seen exponential growth during recent years and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Since we’ve established that showcase and demonstration help with transparency, and that interactivity boost engagement – it only makes sense that putting the two together makes for a high-octane combination. This is in fact the foundation for video shopping, the up-and-coming prodigy of e-commerce.

Video shopping lets you present a video where your products are showcased (either live or on demand) while the viewer gets interactive prompts in the form of buttons that directly corresponds with the current product.

These buttons can perform anything from “Add item to chart”, “View other colors” and “Look at preview” to really anything you want. Since the interactive elements are superimposed on top of the video they can also be modified and updated as time goes by, without having to alter the original clip – giving you a chance to reimagine the interactivity in the way that fits best for your company.

video shopping

Not only are the possibilities vast in what you can present in a video, but video shopping offers a wide spectrum on how to use it as well. A video could be a fixed object on the landing page where some bestseller products are displayed, but it could just as well be made into an event where (either live or on demand) a full catalogue of items are displayed during a longer segment. Again, the only limit is your imagination.

The prospect of video shopping is massive, and during 2020 the wheels really started turning on the market. With interactivity added to the mix the forecast of engagement and follow-through are looking to accelerate in the coming years , turning video from a novel concept to something crucial in digital marketing.

Want to know more about this right now? Contact our team for more information on Qbrick’s video shopping solution.

Live events

When physical meetings aren’t an option, turning them into live events can be a perfect substitute. Meetings, press conferences, workshops and conventions can all work just as well, or even better, as video based live events – reaching a bigger (potentially unlimited) audience as well as being available as an on-demand clip afterwards.

Even though the presence of a physical audience can be difficult to replicate, the fact is that today it’s easier than ever to create meaningful live interactions through digital solutions. With Qbrick you get the possibility to add poll questions live, presented directly within the Qbrick Video Player.

Seeing how live video is getting more and more popular it is not doubt that now is the time to jump on the hype train. While there might be some tweaks needed in order to translate existing agendas to a live stream format, this shouldn’t deter anyone from doing them, rather see it as an opportunity for enhancement – taking them to the next level in the process.

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