Give new life to your quarterly reports.

With qbrick interactive video

Interactive video is an effective way to further engage investors and you-curious individuals.

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Take advantage of our technology and production team and get 4 deliveries of quality interactive video content that will impress your future investors.

What is an interactive quarterly report video?

Interactive video is a technology that adds a second layer to your regular videos, allowing for end user interaction with your video content. It’s an easier and more effective method of creating engaging web content.

Applying this technology to your investor website means that you can turn your video content into effective tools for investor attraction and retention.

Use interactive features like clickable links, time jumps, chapters and more to hook potential investors in the exact moment they’re gathering information.

See our examples below.

Try a demo of our quarterly report video

Click on the highlighted item to see interactivity in action.

Menu scene with 5 linked videos

Video is already the most engaging form of communication on the internet. With interactive video, you have the perfect recipe to reach a wide audience.

Your website viewers might be potential investors in their “want-to-know” moment. Use interactive video to hook them then and there.

We want to help you get started! With our interactive package offer you get all the help you need to publish 1 interactive video every quarter, with professional and engaging content, envisioned by you & filmed/edited by professionals.

An effective way of presenting complex information

Click on “next” to see interactivity in action.

Key takeaway video slides


We offer three packages.

Present your quarterly/yearly results in an engaging & easy-to-understand manner. Record accompanying videos to explain the results with a clear script.

Everything in “Small”,

+ An interactive menu scene with three click-able boxes. One of them will lead to your “key takeaways”. We’ll guide you in preparing content for the other 2.

Everything in “Medium”,

+ 2 more scenes in your interactive menu scene.

No matter which package you choose, you’ll always get a professionally made interactive template with your company branding, and production help to complete your vision for 4 quarterly reports.

An easy process

Choose a package & an interactive template that fits your ambitions. We’ll style it to fit your company branding.

Get help from our production team to film and edit your video content.

Receive your interactive video delivery and share it with the world.

Become more attractive to your investors today.

Let us guide you to a template setup that matches your vision.

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