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Qbrick produces your interactive report for you and helps your potential investors or existing shareholders find what they need in order to invest in your company.

Trusted by 100+ companies

Do you want to gain a positive momentum out of your quarterly reporting?

Then your communication towards the capital market is more important than ever before. With +1000 public listed companies in Sweden only you need to raise above others to get your message through to your new and existing investors.

The benefits with using Qbrick’s solution vs. traditional written reports and earning calls are:


Easier for you to highlight the main messages behind your reporting and hence easier for investors to understand.


Easier for investors to navigate and consume your content versus traditional linear videos or earnings calls.


Show transparency and build credibility for management using interactive video and live Q&A.

Increased reach

Drastic increase of your communication reach to both retail and professional investors through Qbrick’s unique distribution partnership with Infront Direkt Studios.

Stand out

Position your company as modern, innovative and forward looking using the latest interactive communication technology.

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A complete package for financial videos

Our video based presentation package simplifies the creation process of your quarterly report communication. We will help you to choose the information to share, handle the production and and make sure that your message reaches your target audience. You’ll receive a ready-to-share interactive video for your websites and social media.

Included in the complete subscription for listed companies:


Together with our experts, you plan out 4 studio-based video productions. Get advice on relevant content, production, and technical questions to feel 100% prepared.


Qbrick shoots, produces and edits 4 studio-based interview sessions around your quarterly report. This results in an interactive video report, an interview & a short trailer to market the video.


We utilize several channels where we know your target audience can be reached – So that you don’t have to worry about your video not reaching the right people.

Get help every step of the way


Professional studio

All your videos will be recorded in a professional studio setting, prepped with everything you’ll need to produce quality video material.

Experienced host

You get a seasoned host, within the space of investor relations, that moderates your interviews, making the viewer experience more engaging.

Final edit & delivery

Sit back and relax! Our Qbrick editors will produce and deliver your interactive video report, interview and social media material for distribution.

Distribution channels

Private investors

Private investors are reached via Nordnet, Avanza/Placera, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and Nordea among others, as well as Direkt studios Youtube channel, with a combined potential to reach millions of stakeholders.

Professional investors

Professional investors are reached via Infront – Sweden’s largest and Europe’s third largest financial terminal used by banks and brokers, listed companies and media, with a total of over 20 000 users in the Nordic region.


With a moderated live Q&A, you reach and engage your stakeholders who can ask questions directly to the company. This is a modern way of delivering your report which will increase engagement and excitement among your viewers.

Video shares

When you recieve your video, you can share it however you want! Share different formats, using the share link in emails, on your website, on social media or wherever you want to make sure it gets in front of everyone who might be interested.

Potential stakeholder reach

+ 100000

Using video to break through the noise and create trust in the capital market is becoming increasingly important. We had a great response to the interactive video we made with Qbrick last year. By testing new channels with interactive video, we can reach an even larger target group through our upcoming reports and deliver even more effective IR communication.

Niklas Alm, IR Manager Nordisk Bergteknik / Founder of Safir Communications

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