4 reasons to choose a professional video hosting platform 

Why should you choose a professional video hosting platform instead of using free services like Youtube? Here are four reasons.

Why should you choose a professional video hosting platform instead of using free services like Youtube?

Businesses today know that video is key when it comes to communication. What isn’t as well established is how picking a publishing platform affects your ability to share and control the content you upload. While free alternatives like Youtube are great in the sense that it’s quick and easy to use, they can also come with strings attached that you didn’t account for. By using a professional hosting service like Qbrick you avoid these caveats while gaining other benefits in the process. These are the main the perks of choosing Qbrick for your video hosting. 

1. More control

We’ve all dug into a Youtube deep dive at some point, haven’t we? Starting out at one place, following the subsequent recommendation, only to end up somewhere else completely (often hours later…).

While this type of leisurely scrolling can be fun it can also work against you in a professional setting. Even when your videos are embedded on your webpage, viewers who watch the clip get recommendations based on the subject matter, videos that can be from your competitors or content not suitable for work.

Using a professional hosting platform in the form of the QVP this is no longer an issue. You control what you upload without the risk of providing free marketing for your competitors. 

inappropriate youtube recommendations

After the video has finished, Youtube will recommend the viewer to watch other videos. Often, these recommendations will be inappropriate for your brand.

Another massive benefit is that you own your content, something that isn’t always a given.

Videos uploaded to free hosting sites can come with a fine print clause stating that you no longer own the content you’ve made. Even removing it won’t always solve the issue as a copy can be stored and monetized outside of your control. Similarly, content can also be altered or removed should the sites terms of service change. 

When using Qbrick you’re always in control of what you share, and you have the tools to manage it to your own liking. Decide who can watch it and when, set publishing dates and restrict the access when needed.

You can also be sure that all the content you produce is yours and yours alone, as the server storage is GDPR certified, no info will be shared unless you decide to. 

2. Personalized Support

Bigger platforms often get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to reliability, claiming that issues are few and far between. But when they do appear (and they do!) the help process can become anything but smooth; filling out standard forms trying to tick the boxes that best describes your problem, having to summarize the issues with limited characters. And after all this, you’ll only be greeted with a standardized response saying, “Thank you for your feedback”. 


Qbrick on the other hand offers accessible support channels dedicated to answer all your questions and concerns 24/7. With local offices in all the Nordic countries, Qbrick provides real human interactions while addressing your questions on a personal level.

With a diverse team of experts; anything from publishing to production is covered and you can feel safe that your interests have the highest priority. 

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3. Analytics

With advanced video analytics included in all your medias you get a great overview of how your video is performing. Aside from rudimentary numbers like amount of views, unique viewers and completions – you can also identify which part of the video were most popular and what parts the viewer often skipped. Overall, analytics are a great asset for producing new content in the future. 

video analytics

4. Unique tools to transform your videos

Automatic transcriptions and subtitles

Aside from world class hosting capabilities the QVP also offers a number of helpful apps that can take your communication game to the next level. With Speech to text all of your content can be subtitled with the click of a button, offering you the chance to fine tune the text and translate it into any language you want.

Our speech engine is also unique in that it’s been tested by clients from all Nordic countries with roaring success. Tired of other Speech to text generators not picking up on what you’re saying in Finnish, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian? Try our service today.

Interactive video

With the Interactive Manager your videos go from linear to non-linear, encouraging a dialogue with the viewer rather a monologue. The possibilities can be implemented in a near endless number of ways with everything from quizzes, onboarding assets, ecommerce solutions and more.

Live streaming

Stream live easily with the help of our Live Manager. Broadcast live streams and live-on-tape content with the chance to interact with the viewer along the way through text chat, QnAs and other interactive elements. Oh, and the aforementioned analytics lets you dissect and deep-dive into the performance of these medias as well. Of course!

All-in-all, choosing Qbrick as your video platform host makes communication more versatile. No longer do your videos have to be expendable. They can be nurtured; extending the life-span considerably. 


Andreas Bard

Video editor and content creator

Andreas Bard (Qbrick Production Team) is a video editor and content creator based in Stockholm.

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