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The pandemic opened this fintech company’s eyes to interactive video

Imagine having your entire onboarding process implemented into a single interactive video project. That's what Elin Ogéus at Ropo Capital has set out to do. What does the future hold for this fintech company and interactive video?

A need for social onboarding emerged during the pandemic.

Imagine having your entire onboarding process implemented into a single interactive video project, that’s what Elin Ogéus at Ropo Capital has set out to do in order to streamline onboarding and revolutionize training for both co-workers and customers. Ropo Capital is a financial company specializing in invoicing, ledger and payment monitoring, reminders and debt collection. The aim of the company is to reform billing and maximize benefits of their customers with a complete financial solution. 

“We like to refer to [our model] as an invoice lifecycle service”

Originally based in Finland, through a merger the company expanded to Sweden in 2020, establishing offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. With an outspoken vision of always evolving and disrupting old habits in the financial sector they signed with Qbrick in 2021 order to elevate their communication with interactive video. As Covid-19 hit the world during 2020 the need for new ways of connecting colleagues became apparent. Elin saw an opportunity through Qbrick to tie the organization together in an easy and accessible way.

“We see great potential in interactive video […] Internally it’s been a really great tool for getting to know each other since we are a fairly new company with different company cultures and so on.”

Getting to know each other through interactive video.

One of the first projects they set out to make was an interactive map of the entire staff where the viewer could navigate through different departments of the company, learning more about the different employees.

The purpose being that new and old colleagues could browse the video getting to know everyone at their own pace despite not being able to meet up in real life, bringing the company together in the process. 

While the project is still ongoing the initial reaction has been a success according to Elin, and now she looking to expand the interactive initiative even further.

“It’s a great educational tool, especially for teaching new systems. This is something we’d like to bring to our customers as the platform we’re providing is quite expansive, it consists of a lot of different parts which historically we’ve spent a lot of time onboarding customers in.”

Adding an element of fun to standard practices.

Continuous innovation is key to Ropo Capitals vision, as the company aims to disrupt old habits to provide better and more efficient services for their customers. A prospect that Elin believes interactive video can be a crucial part of.

“We’re now asking the question ‘How can old practices be updated with interactive video’? You often find a solution and it is easy to pull off while still looking professional due to the interactive video tool.” 

Big plans for future interactive video implementations.

Looking into the future Ropo Capital is set to expand their usage of interactive video further. With a roadmap in place, Elin is looking to tie more aspects of the internal communication to interactivity; whether it’s in the form of system education or other information surrounding the business.

“Onboarding is the first step but we’re also looking into aspects like company culture, presentations, gamification but also create a knowledge hub where we can add tutorials of our different systems and software as well as introducing or history and management etc.”

A big thank you to Ropo Capital and Elin Ogéus for helping us with this story.


Andreas Bard

Video editor and content creator

Andreas Bard (Qbrick Production Team) is a video editor and content creator based in Stockholm.

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