How to expand your video communication to all possible platforms (and why)

With the insight that videos generate higher interests from visitors as well as higher ranking by Google you might have already started using video on your web site.

With the insight that videos generate higher interests from visitors as well as higher ranking by Google you might have already started using video on your web site. You might even have started to use videos in some of your social media posts knowing that it’s nowadays almost the only chance for your company to be spotted in the crazy SoMe jungle out there.

This is a fairly typical scenario that we meet out there on a daily basis. We love these kinds of companies and organizations because they have realized that without the use of video, they will struggle to either become and/or remain relevant on the market.

What some of these companies/organizations have also realized is that they have just started a journey that can be used to unleash lots of hidden values by using video on their other platforms.

So what do we mean when we’re talking about “other platforms” ?

Let’s first establish the foundation that video is all about communication. With that set, how do we define “communication”?

One definition of human communication is – “communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another.

In simple words it is a process of transmitting and sharing ideas, opinions, facts, values etc. from one person to another or one organization to another. If we think about communication in such terms, it’s a bit easier to relate this to your everyday working processes and the supporting platforms that you’re working with.

Check this out, it could look something like this:

  1. Marketing

2. Communications

3. Sales

4. Documentation

5. Internal communications

6. Recruitment

As visualized in the examples above, we’re all a part of one or more working processes in which we, on a daily basis, are using supporting platforms to help us facilitate these different processes.

A common denominator in all these processes is communication. As we concluded initially, using video communications on your web site or social media channels is by far the most efficient way of becoming or remaining relevant for your target audience.

With this knowledge, we need to start thinking about how we can maximize the value that we can get out of these processes by using video. Let’s exemplify this in an even more specific context:

You spend lots of time and effort trying to document a working instruction for your field engineers who are tasked with installing in store payment checkout systems.

The result is a 50 pages document with a mix of text and pictures covering everything from what to pack before leaving the office to installing instructions, test scripts, maintenance instructions etc.

You may or may not publish this as a pdf on your intranet where the engineers can go in and print a copy to bring with them. The outcome of this kind of instructional documents is that nobody bothers to read them. Nobody reads a manual, right?

Now think about a scenario where you would task somebody to join an installation team for a day, with the purpose of documenting the same full working process by filming the complete process using their mobile phone camera.

You would then edit the material down into a 5-minute instructional video that you then can post on your intranet or in an app that the engineers are using.

The likelihood of engineers actually viewing the whole working process, perhaps even a couple of times, has drastically increased resulting in a much more efficient installation process with higher quality.

This is just one example of how to think about expanding the use of video into your other working processes.

Here at Qbrick, we are true believers of lowering the thresholds to use video on a daily basis and hence we have built our Qbrick Video Platform (QVP) based on a modular and open architecture. This means that you can integrate the QVP, through our API, with any of your existing systems/platforms, making it even easier to use video in your daily working processes. 

If you’re interested in exploring what hidden values that you might be able to release, feel free to contact us and we will happy to meet up and brainstorm around your specific topics.

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