So Your Social Media Posts Are Failing. Here’s What You Can Do.

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What would it mean if you, just like a traditional phone call or conversation, would be able to turn your traditional one-way video into a bi-directional communication channel?

Suddenly – it happens! You’ve come up with the most brilliant idea that you know people have been yearning to read/hear/watch. You get the buy-in from key people in your organization and your colleagues are all excited about getting into production mode a.s.a.p.

Everybody agrees that your brilliant content idea will be a smash hit if produced as a video that you can distribute on all possible channels (including on your own web site). Props are bought, scripts are drafted, and hundreds of man hours are spent producing the video that will take your organization to the next level. You get the idea!

So, the time comes, and you’ve prepped all your communication channels with your video being ready to hit your target demographics. You push the publish buttons on all platforms and then… it’s all about waiting for the reactions from your audience.


One week later you’re scratching your head thinking “what went wrong?”.

5000 views and not a single lead has come into your inbox?

This is a made-up story, of course. But it’s a terrifyingly common scenario. The number: “5000 viewers”, could just as likely be 100.000 viewers. Or millions! So what went wrong? The simple answer is that you didn’t engage with you audience. You took for granted that your audience would be triggered to engage with you.

The fact is that we’ve never had as many channels to communicate in as we have today. In fact, one could almost say that we’re flooded with communication opportunities. Take Facebook, for example.

Facebook now sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time. Roughly 350 million photos are uploaded per day! Looking at it from that perspective, I’d say that you would be extremely lucky to break through and get a single individual to watch your video all the way through, and then take action to contact you afterwards – even if your content is brilliant (which, of course it is).


The good thing with technology is that you can impact and challenge old ways of thinking.

Yesterday’s video was one-directional. Today’s video is bi-directional

The meanings or definitions of “engagement” are different, but they all have one thing in common, which is that they involve more than one party. So how does this relate to communications and, specifically, the way we produce and consume video today?

Traditional video has so far been a medium for one-directional-communication. You relay a story/video to your audience without really knowing how it’s received. You can get some stats about views and basic viewing behaviour that can be helpful, BUT it’s still all in retrospect.

What would it mean if you, just like a traditional phone call or conversation, would be able to turn your traditional one-way video into a bi-directional communication channel? Through the use of modern video technology you now have the ability to interact with your unique viewers in real time. We at Qbrick call this “Interactive Video”. This means that you increase the chances of catching the interest of your viewer at the exact time that he/she is open to engage with you.

Interact with this video! (SWE audio)


This could, for example, be a video with a click-through button that appears at a given time in your video; taking your viewer to a specific place, or allowing them to download a file. It could be a simple contact form that pops up in your video giving your viewer the ability to join your mailing list. It could also be a graphical object, say a pair of shoes that you’re selling in your e-store, that your viewer can buy while watching your video, thanks to a click-to-buy button.

This viewer interactivity can also be done in a Live Streaming scenario providing even more advanced engagement.

Basically, the only boundary is your own creativity – and we would love to explore how your organization could use this technology to strengthen your engagement with your audience.

Give us a call (+46 8 459 90 00) or submit your email here and we will help you out 😊

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