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How apparel brand Pieces generated digital leads with Qbrick interactive video

Learn how Qbrick's interactive video solution helped apparel brand Pieces generate leads for a digital B2B event

Pieces is a danish apparel and accessory brand, part of Bestseller group. Their mission, according to their own website, is to make vibrant, colorful and relevant designs that convert into everyday standout products of great value. 

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Marie Beier Larsen is the B2B Digital Coordinator at Pieces, and the mastermind behind their latest interactive project together with Qbrick.

We love shaping new trends and inspiring new individuals to create their own look – and this was of course also our main topic for our latest project with Qbrick.

Marie Beier Larsen, Pieces


Two times a year, Pieces along with all the other Bestseller brands hold a B2B digital event where they can showcase their products to brands from different parts of the world.

This time, says Marie, they knew they wanted to do something new and fully digital. 

We knew we had a strong collection with some absolute amazing styles, but how could we inspire our customers and also show this collection in a new digital way – but still with our main goal that they could create their own look?

Marie Beier Larsen, Pieces

Pieces had a need to stand out, and create a digital experience that would generate sales  – as well as inspire viewers to play around with different looks.


Pieces interactive video

Pieces created a fully digital interactive showcase with Qbrick’s interactive video editor.

The answer to Pieces’ big question was to create an interactive video experience using Qbrick’s video platform – specifically interactive video.

The cool thing with Qbrick, besides a stable and easy platform, is that they have passionated experts who can help you from the first more creative phase to the last more technical phase. (..) So with Qbrick as a partner we were able to make a super cool interactive video.

Marie Beier Larsen, Pieces

Pieces put together a fantastic showcase of all the different clothing styles in the collection, and uploaded the material to the Qbrick Video Platform.

All the interactive elements in the video were added in the Interactive Editor:

  1. Clickable products to change the outfit of the model in the video
  2. Video navigation to jump between different clothing sets
  3. Color choices: to change the color palette of the clothing pieces
  4. Shoppability (adding outfits to the in-video cart)


During the online event, Pieces’ viewers were met with a showcase unlike anything they’d seen before. This resulted in a wide variety of positive feedback from clients, big and small, from many parts of the world. 

We got positive feedback both from some smaller customers in the south of Europe, but also from some of our biggest customers in the UK(…). The general topic for the feedback was “new-ness”. A lot of people saw this project as new tech within online shopping for fashion.

Marie Beier Larsen, Pieces

Marie recommends interactive videos to other companies as well, saying: “it’s memorable, these interactive videos makes users and customers more likely to remember your brand”.

Most likely, we’ll be seeing more interactive videos from Pieces in the future.


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