Vila video shopping

VILA creates unique video shopping experiences in 3D

Read all about how VILA is using professional video photography, intruiging storytelling and 3D design in video shopping.
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VILA is thinking in three dimensions to reach sustainability goals.

Since the team over at VILA clothing heard of “video shopping”, they’ve been challenging standards and changing the game. 

As part of BESTSELLERs sustainability strategy, VILA clothing started re-creating clothing samples in digital 3D models. No more need for physical samples! 

They also created an entire world of shopping in 3D. Buyers could browse around by clicking arrows & zooming in and out of environments. VILA took this opportunity to incorporate video as a shopping mechanism within their 3D world  – together with Qbrick.

vila 3d world

Buyers could click on a 3D rack of clothing and shop the clothing items within the Qbrick video player.

And that wasn’t the end of their video shopping journey.

VILA has mastered what we call “Experience & shop“; a form of on-demand video shopping experience where you use professional videography and storytelling to entice and inspire the viewer, before introducing them to the “shopping” segment, where they can add products to an in-video cart (included in all Qbrick shopping videos).

Advertisement meets direct shopping.

VILA experience and shop

The latest project

Recently VILA came out with a new take on their established formula. 3D samples of clothing in interactive video shopping experiences.

This time, the video features lively clothing pieces in 3D, fluttering softly in the wind. You can switch between different patterns and styles – all within the video.

This is BESTSELLER introducing the project on their Linkedin:

Don't miss out on the fun!

Inspired by VILA:s creative marketing efforts? Read up on Qbrick video shopping right here. Or reach the page in our main menu at the top.

The future is video. The future is interactive.

vila video shopping example

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