Utilize Video Marketing to Share Your Unique Company Culture

Building a video marketing strategy that shares your unique brand story, vision, and values is the best way to help your company stand out.

Utilize Video Marketing to Share Your Unique Company Culture

When you want your customers to connect with your brand on an emotional level, promoting your products and services isn’t the most effective strategy. Any other company can sell what you sell — but what makes your company unique is the culture you create. Building a video marketing strategy that shares your unique brand story, vision, and values is the best way to help your company stand out.


In this article, we’ll explore four different ways you can use video to grow your business and why they work.

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Showcase a Day in Your Office

There’s no place where your culture shines brighter than in your workplace, where all your team members operate under the same vision. Creating short-form social media videos that showcase a day in the life of your employees can help you humanize your brand while giving your audience insight into the unique elements of your company culture.


When filming your “day in the office” videos, focus on the factors that influence your workplace culture. For instance, you can highlight cultural values like mental health support, which is often expressed in the form of four-day workweeks or hybrid work schedules. When mentioning what different departments are working on, tell your audience how these tasks will contribute to your company’s mission and vision to make your culture clear.


You can also mention the unique things your employees do during their lunch breaks. This allows your customers to get to know your employees on a more personal level. Plus, it can show potential job candidates who they could be working with, which can inspire great cultural fits to apply. For example, an employee that attends in-office lunch and learns can showcase your team’s shared belief in personal or professional development, while one that goes to the gym can showcase a shared value for health and work-life balance.

Go Live With Your Team Members

If you want your audience members to get to know your employees in a more interactive way, utilizing live video is key. Putting team members behind the camera for live Q&As, product demos, office tours, or even free-for-all chats gives your customers a chance to chat with them in real time. This is key to building relationships.


Want to make your live videos even more powerful? Use a streaming platform like Qbrick that supports interactive elements, including on-screen shopping and polls. As you’re highlighting your unique employees— and all the team quirks that make your company human and your culture great — these interactive elements can prompt your audience to engage with you and lead to real sales results.

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Hire Influencers to Tell Your Story

Having a strong website and social media presence is more important than ever, but not everyone has digital skills up their sleeves. If you’re struggling to share your company culture in an effective way, consider hiring professionals to boost your brand visibility. These professionals can include marketing experts who develop videos for your company’s channels — or, they can include industry influencers who spread the word about your culture to their large audience.


To effectively share your culture, select an influencer who’s aligned with your brand. For instance, if you own an eco-friendly beauty company, you can select an influencer who is known for choosing sustainable products. Then, task your influencer with crafting a video that focuses on why they love your brand, rather than your products or services. Rather than listing out the surface-level benefits of choosing your company, your influencer will play a role in building your unique brand story, which is an emotion-based narrative about your company and why it exists.

Embrace Culture on Your Web Pages

Video doesn’t have to be streamed or on social media to be effective. Adding videos throughout your website allows you to tell your visitors captivating stories that keep them engaged for longer periods of time.


While your culture should be emphasized in every video, each video should still be directly relevant to each page of your website. For example, you can share the unique inspiration behind each of your products on product pages to showcase what you’re passionate about or share video testimonials from employees on your job openings page. This way, you’re highlighting your company culture in a way that directly appeals to the needs of your diverse page visitors.

Give Your Video Marketing a Boost

As companies around the world embrace video content, finding a way to distinguish your marketing from all the rest is a critical part of growing your business. Putting the spotlight on your company culture — including your values and your story — can help you engage more potential clients and impress your prospective employees, whether you’re posting a video on social media or adding it to your site. Don’t be afraid to put your team members and industry influencers behind the camera to share your culture from their perspective.

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