Interactive quarterly report videos? What are they and why?

Since becoming a listed company, Qbrick has used interactive video to evolve IR communication. Read to the end to see the results.

Since becoming a listed company in the summer of 2021 Qbrick has used interactive video to evolve investor relations (IR) communication, presenting every subsequent quarterly report with the power of interactivity. This has been realized by creating an interactive hub video where everything from key numbers to significant business news can be accessed through the click of a button.

An approach that gives power to the viewer to decide what they’re interested in, but not only that, presenting information through video also lowers the threshold of attaining said information.

Keep reading to see what a video like this looks like.

Meanwhile, here are a few key components of how Qbrick elevates IR communication through interactivity.

chapters in video

Bite-sized topics

Presenting the achievements of the last quarter is an exciting thing. More often than not companies are so eager to share their latest financial statements that they cram almost too much data into them. Slicing the information up into more concise topics improves accessibility as the viewer has more agency over what they watch.

Longer videos can even be divided into chapters providing the option to jump to what interest each individual.

Since the summer of 2021 Qbrick has presented their IR reports with a mix of both hard numbers and more lighthearted stories from the internal team and external customers, giving the viewer a chance to pick-and-chose what to watch without the risk of information overload.

More options and freedom of choice equals more engagement and in the end a higher satisfaction.

presentation slides in a video

Make the numbers come alive

IR communication doesn’t just have to be numbers on a spreadsheet. Having someone explain and comment on your presentation is one way of making it more exciting, video is however versatile enough to make data come alive in an infinite number of ways.

Animations and motion graphics can put emphasis on key numbers and make them pop for example.

Again, the interactive features unlock the possibility to go through everything at your own pace without the risk of missing anything. Qbrick utilizes this by complementing the elaborate analysis of the past quarter with animated infographics who underline key numbers – making visuals and audio work together to make the report as straightforward as possible.

Put a face on your business

Info and data are essential in communication, but they don’t always convey the hard work that went into producing them. Giving different departments of the company time to shine by allowing them to tell the tales of their day-to-day work adds personality.

It can be a welcome break from the more to the point exposition as the viewer gets a glimpse into what is going on in a more hands-on way. It doesn’t have to be limited to employees either, sharing interviews with prominent customers also adds value.

Testimonials are great to convey on how customers utilize the service or products of a company and present a good marketing opportunity in the process.

The way Qbrick has implemented these ideas is by having both colleagues and customers sharing their views on the company through short video interviews.

Coworkers get to explain the details of their departments while customers review their experience with the QVP. Together it becomes both an educational experience for the viewer and great marketing material for the company.

(Almost) literally anything else

The true power of interactive video is its versatile scope, nothing is out of bound when putting an interactive project together. Have someone from the team elaborate on a certain topic or integrate a commercial you want to show. Maybe have an external resource analyze and comment on the recent number along with a download button for the written report?

The opportunities are plentiful and as with everything interactive only your imagination sets the limits.

Qbrick has put this to use by mixing up their quarterly reports with a varied scope of content while still keeping the key message at its core. With an extended focus on IR

Qbrick now offer the same interactive power to anyone. Using templates any company can put together a stunning video, taking their communication to the next level.

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