Interactive video or powerpoint? What is the difference and which one is better?

Let's explore the possibilities of interactive video in financial and data reports.

2021 was the year when the western world started to truly see the potential of interactive video. Whether it was immersive e-Commerce solutions (live & on-demand shopping), choose-your-own-adventure videos or maybe interactive instructional videos, the general public got a first delicious bite of the true promise of interactivity in video communication.

And we’ve only just scratched the surface!

What about numbers?

Today, transparency is crucial in communication. Producing and presenting numbers and data exclusively in text form is no longer viable in a modern business climate. Visitors, clients, investors all want to understand what you’re doing and how without having to play detective.

Some people then choose to create a powerpoint (or keynote) presentation to present their data with images and text, in a nicely designed format. There’s no denying that this form of presentation is very popular. But what if there was a better and more engaging option?

Yes – we’re talking about using interactive video instead!

Here’s our list of why that is a great idea:


Action & movement

Sure, you can embed a video in your powerpoint presentation, but in an interactive video the presentation is the video. Report after report shows that video is the most effective form of communication on the internet (see our selection of statistics across several report sources here).

In your interactive video presentation, you can present your data in video form, showing visual representations of numbers and graphs, while also including a video where you contextualize and explain those numbers in a way that anyone can understand.

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financial interactive video

It's interactive - of course

It’s right there in the name: interactive video.
Create a visually pleasing presentation with different chapters going to different parts of your presentation. Maybe one button could go to a video explaining financial reports, and another button could go to a QnA video with your CFO.

Allow your viewers to pick and choose which parts to watch or skip. No time wasted, and everyone’s more informed and happy.

Made for web!

You have your presentation, and you want to show it off on your company’s website. There are a number of ways you can present slides and images from slides on your website, but it’s clunky, and not at all as visually pleasing or easily consumable as a video would be.

When your interactive video is produced, all you have to do is embed that video onto your company’s website. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 POST!

Copy the embed code from your Qbrick Video Platform account and paste it into whatever CMS or website builder you use. It’s also much more customizable, as you’re able to modify how the video player is presented, and what player controls you want to include. Make the video player window large or small, and present it on one or several website pages.

embed videos

Autoplay for (your) win

We’ve already covered that movement and video content is more effective at drawing people in. Use autoplay to make sure that your presentation isn’t missed.

When choosing how to embed your video, you can check the box that says “autoplay”. As soon as your visitors enter your site, their eyes will catch movement and take notice of your presentation at once. Before they know it, they’re already clicking around to see more.

External & internal link

Use the features of interactive video to include effective Call-to-actions in your presentation material. Add a button that takes your viewers directly to book a demo, see more information or to buy stocks. The more you include in the same presentation flow, the more likely it is that people will take action.

What did you think?

The interactive ball is already in motion and is starting to gain momentum. Using it to create business presentations in this way is a whole new ball park, and will impress your clients and investors.

Are you conviced? Contact our team for more information on how to make this a reality for your business. Or let us know your thoughts on our social media pages.


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