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Finnish Kekale are boosting their e-commerce with interactive video.

Read all about Finnish clothing brand Kekäle's venture into live-on-tape video shopping.

Kekäle goes for a "live" feel in their new video shopping venture.

In may of 2021 Qbrick started development on a pilot ecommerce case with Finnish fashion retailer Kekäle.

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Who are Kekäle?

Kekäle is an innovative clothing retailer in Finland with, not just an extensive catalog, but also unique concepts like coaching for clothing (Lempivaatevalmentaja) and everyday celebration (Juhlantai). With the help of the interactive possibilities of Qbricks video platform the company was able to create Mekko-live (translated to “Dress live” in English), yet another unique concept with the goal to create buzz and a bigger follow-through on online sales.

The inception of the originated from previously successful pilot projects in Sweden such as the Rizzo video shopping experience. After the initial contact the first question was how to best implement the interactive elements of Qbrick to best suit the assets of Kekäle. Similarly to the case of Rizzo, the decision was made to have a fashion show where people from Kekäle showed off different outfits and accessories that the viewer then had an immediate way to view through interactive images/buttons.

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Live on tape

A key difference however was the decision to give the fashion showing a “live on tape” feel where the models not only showed the clothing, in a somewhat chronological order, but also talked to each other about each outfit – creating value by describing the items both in the context of an outfit but also giving the viewer pointers on what other occasions the individual garments could be fitting.

Another big difference from previous cases was how Kekäle filmed the video entirely on their own, without on-set help from Qbrick. With that decision a dialogue emerged on what key components needed to be met in order to create visually pleasing footage. The conclusion came to be; a well lit space with room for the models to walk freely to show off the outfits from different angles, along with enough space in the frame for the interactive elements to show up (without potentially cluttering the screen for the viewer).

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Now that preparations were done the process of filming the fashion show commenced. Over the course of one day the models Laura and Marika showed of no less than 14 different outfits each while also introducing and concluding the concept of the video. With the filming wrapped up, the footage was sent to Qbrick, initiating the editing procedure as well as adding the interactivity.

When the base edit was done, merging the different clips together along with adding an intro and outro, Kekäle provided product images and url:s correlating to all the different outfits. The idea was that the different garments should show up as the models Laura and Marika displayed them – giving the viewer a chance to engage and open the links to the clothes they were interested in while watching the “live on tape” video.

During this step it also became clear that some added interactive choices would be helpful for the viewer, such as jumping to the next and previous look in the video. During this step a “hub” screen was also added in the beginning of the video to where the viewer could always return in order to jump to specific chapters of the video. While this down-played the “live on tape” aspect somewhat, it was clear that it was a good step in user experience as some people might be looking for very specific clothing.

After some more fine-tuning the interactive video was finalized. The Kekäle ecommerce video finally launched on may 27th of 2021. It’s the first case of interactive video shopping that Qbrick has ever done in Finland. During the process Kekäle has been an exceptional partner to work with, providing valuable insights and feedback to the project from start to finish. They’ve truly embraced the interactive capabilities of Qbrick and how they can help evolve e-commerce as we know it.

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