How interactive video will help you create relevant content in fewer steps (with inspiring examples)

See how interactive video can help you create relevant content for a diverse audience.
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We’re living in the future. “Video” is no longer just a way to get from A-B in a timeline. It’s an open world full of possibilities, Skyrim style. Content marketers are scrambling to create relevant content for all their segment groups, showing off all their different offerings and products. That, amplified by the pressure to create content for all the different channels in their marketing mix. It’s a lot.

Well, interactive video might just be a creative solution to getting you out of that mess – at least partly.

Here’s how interactive video will help you create relevant content – in fewer steps. And then we’ll finish off with a few amazing examples.

What is an interactive video?

“Interactivity” can be interpreted in many different ways. Perhaps you could say that a video is interactive if you can pause/play it.

Well, what we’re talking about is going way beyond that notion.

Interactive video can be or include:

And so much more.

Since “interactive” video basically just means: a video that includes interactive buttons/images/media (etc), the sky’s the limit for what you can create with the technology.

To be an interactive video, the interactive elements should be within the player window. An example would be a fashion runway, with interactive product images that viewers can click on to see more information, or to add the item to a cart within the video.

video shopping example

Why interactive video?

Let’s start with the statement that online video has quickly grown to become the #1 preferred medium for information consumption and communication on the internet. Go here to see the statistics we’ve gathered for you on online video use and consumption in 2021.

According to a study with data from CMO council / Pitney Bowes, the top two criteria that would make an online video valuable to consumers in their decisionmaking are: that they reflect the specific products that they’re interested in, and that they’re able to interact with the video to decide what to watch and when.

graph cmo council

Interactive video helps you create more relevant content

Using interactive elements in your video, such as navigational options (“what category do you want to see?”, “which part of the video do you want to go to?”), or personal questions (“what’s important to you?”, “what’s your favourite color”?) – you’re able to reach the core of what your viewer is interested in. This in turn will lead to higher customer satisfaction, and be more supportive of their journey from website visit -> purchase.

Your viewers want to see personalised video content, to be in control of their own experience and to be presented with content that is relevant to them. With interactive video, you’re able to check off all the items on that list with, potentially, only one video.

How to create interactive videos

In order to create an interactive video, you need one of two things: customised help from a development team, or an editor that you can use to create your own interactive video. The potential problem with these options is that they can both be quite expensive. And if you’re just testing out the technology, you might not want to break the bank just yet.

Qbrick has been developing different solutions for interactive video since at least 2007.

Although the technology behind it looks very different today compared to back then, our focus has always been on helping our customers reach their goals by themselves, intuitively and at a reasonable price.

Our editor allows you to drag ’n drop interactive widgets on top of your video, and decide in detail what that widget does, how it looks, and where in the timeline it should show up in your video.

And if you feel stuck creatively or otherwise, you can get help from our amazing support team, or reach out to our in-house production team for creative tips or on-site help.


Check out some of these examples. Maybe you’ll get inspired to create something similar for your own business. Or maybe you’ll get a completely new idea. We’ll help you make that a reality.

Vero Moda

Purpose: Shopping, Browsing, New collection

Building tour

Purpose: Real estate, Rental, Company office presentation, Showcase


Purpose: Brand presentation, Information

Welcome to our bank

Purpose: Information, Welcome, Landing page, About us


Purpose: Shopping, Browsing, New collection


Kaisa Berg

Kaisa Berg

Kaisa Berg is the Art- and Communications Director at Qbrick


Become your own producer in a few easy steps. Film it, upload it, edit it to perfection and push it out on all your social channels.


Video management means more to us than just naming and numbering folders. Our platform gives your videos superpowers; like meta data, subtitles, different player configurations, and more!


Reach new heights in your communication efforts! Engage with your viewers and sell products LIVE – or create interactive stories that get your viewers hooked!

Video Editor

You’re a “can-do” company! And you know that with the increase in demand for video content – not ALL of your video productions can be sourced externally. And that’s why you want to start creating your own videos with Qbrick’s app and video editor.

Live Solutions

We have a long history of live event hosting, both big and small. Our clients know that they can count on the durability of our platform, which gives them the confidence to focus less on tech and more on “SHOW”. We have tools that can help you manage your own live streams, as well as engage with your viewers through questions and polls.

Interactive Video

New tech is cool. But in this case it’s also beneficial to better your relationship with your followers. Don’t let them leave your video before activating them with multiple choices (branching) and call-to-actions. Get them hooked with gamification and video shopping.

Accessible for all

It’s a wonderful new age of digital directives for accessibility standards in web communication. It’s wonderful because, when successful, it allows everyone to reach your content in a fair way! But it does put pressure on your organisation to comply with these directives. With our automatic transcription tool and accessible video player – you can avoid a lot of unnecessary angst – and save time!

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