What’s new in the Qbrick Video Platform? [May 2024]

This month brought us updates to organization and privacy work flows in the Qbrick platform.

We’ve released updates to the Qbrick platform media library this month that will change how you work with security and private files & catalogs.

Here are the headlines:

Limit access to catalogs

Working on a secret internal project or customer related production? Or maybe you just want to keep your files hidden as a default?

You can now limit access to catalogs that you create; either to just yourself or a select few user accounts.

Click on “New” and “Catalog” to create a new catalog wherever you want. Underneath the catalog title, you can now decide whether to keep the catalog open to everyone, or to limit the access to that catalog.

You can also, at any time, change the access settings for your catalogs; either by adding/removing names to the limited list, or by making the catalog open to everyone.

Create new catalog

Access levels

When limiting access to a catalog, you are given two options for each user; “Full” and “Limited” access. So what do each of those levels mean?

Having “Full” access means that you can edit the content and information of that catalog, including settings to limit access to that catalog.

Having “Limited” access means that you’re unable to change the “Limit access” settings of that catalog.

Now you know what to choose when adding your co-workers to your project folders!

Limit access to catalog

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