What’s for dinner? Interactive video

Having trouble figuring out what to have for dinner? This interactive video will help you out! Scroll down to play.

This interactive video will give you some ideas for dinner tonight.

Sometimes the Qbrick production team will put together an interactive video just for fun. This is one of those occasions.

Playing around with the Qbrick interactive editor is fun. It’s also great to put in some extracurricular effort into a project like this once every now and then, because it gives you a fresh perspective – and new ideas that could be of use in future projects.

The Qbrick production team has worked with many clients on different interactive projects within e-commerce, education, information & more. Usually, an interactive project with a client will take a few days or weeks to complete (depending on the scope)

But that doesn’t mean that interactive video is complicated. This particular project took under an hour to create. Yes, the idea was simple. But it proves that you can create fun and engaging content in a short amount of time.

So with that said: please enjoy a little bit of interactive fun. And if you’re feeling inspired, you’re always welcome to contact us – for more information on how you can create your own interactive videos.

Here’s another short interactive video we made for Halloween.

What did you get?

Pleased or disappointed? You can always try it again. Either way, let us know what you thought on our social media pages, or right here on our website.

This is all possible thanks to our interactive editor and video player

In order to create an interactive video, you need an interactive video editor, and a video player that can show the interactive layer on top of your video.

Qbrick’s got you covered. And not only that, we’re experts within interactive video productions. So if you need help with your project, you can contact our team to get technical and creative help.

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