This elite Norwegian football club is using video to engage and entertain their fans

Vålerenda Fotball is using video to show the lives and careers of their football players on and off the field.

Tina Wulf says video has proven to be the best way to engage fans of their football club.

Fans of the elite football club Vålerenga love to see the ins-and-outs of their football heroes’ lives and football career. And what better way to show them this than to film everything and post it on their website? Tina Wulf is the communications manager of Vålerenga Fotball, and she says that video has proven to be the best way to engage their fans.

Tina Wulf

Tina Wulf, Vålerenga Fotball

Vålerenga Fotball is one of Norway’s most successful football clubs in the premier division. With that comes the responsibility to engage and entertain thousands of fans, who crave content starring their favourite players. 

Ten years ago, the club started utilizing video to show not just football games, but also exclusive footage of the players outside of the arena.

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Creating a strong profile for the club.

“Our aim is to fill this arena for the matches, and in order to succeed you need to create a profile that shows what it’s like to be a part of Vålerenga”

Vålerenga Fotball uses video extensively to push the football club brand in a very personal way. The past 10 years, they’ve perfected their online video communication to show match highlights, behind the scenes material, interviews and many other types of exclusive content for their fans.

“We’ve noticed that the supporters find it exciting to follow the club from the inside”, Tina Wulf says.

On their website, you can go to the tab “videos” to see a vast archive of all of their videos, tagged with subjects like “interviews” and “cheer”. In their exclusive interviews they give valuable insights into the lives, opinions and colorful personalities of their players. It’s no doubt that these videos help their fans create a connection with their favourite players, as they are able to show a more intimate and personal side of the club.

Vålerenga Fotball (as well as Norsk Toppfotball) are longtime customers of the Qbrick Video Platform. “If we ever have any issues we’ve always been able to contact Qbrick support and get help right away. In other words, the support from Qbrick has been excellent”, Tina Wulf says.

Vålerenga Fotball is committed to continuing this trend of engaging their fans with new typ of video content. Currently, they’re working on a documentary series to show the inner workings of the club.

Visit their page to see their video archive.

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