Leading norwegian pharmacy Apotek1 are reaching communication goals with video

Apotek1 in Norway has found a way to utilize video effectively in both external and internal communication.

Silje Ensrud improved her company's messaging reach with video.

Video can help clarify and intensify messaging in all walks of work life. Even outside of external marketing, there are many areas of human-to-human communication that can be improved by introducing video. Silje Ensrud at Apotek1 has found a way to utilize it effectively in both external and internal communication.

silje ensrud

Silje Ensrud, Apotek1

With more than 400 venues spread all across the country, Apotek1 is the leading pharmacy chain in Norway. They define their business goal to “…communicate sensible and safe health choices, and be an inspiration for a better quality of life.”

Given that objective, the quality of communication becomes crucial.

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Saw positive results after introducing video.

“We use video in both our communication, training and in marketing activities. We see that working with video is useful and we get our message across effectively.”

In order to quantify both the reach and effectiveness the company do continuous evaluations where they can measure how well their messages get across, and the results have been positive.

“We assigned goals for the total number of viewers, readers and listeners and we have reached those goals.”

Investment in video isn’t anything new to the company, already back in 2015 they made a deliberate effort to push video communication when they launched Apotek1 TV. Why they chose Qbrick as their video platform provider had several reasons.

“We chose Qbrick because it was a safe choice. The technology is robust and they’re a steady actor that was well known on the market”

Since the launch the demand for more video content has risen, and Silje is eager to explore how Apotek1 can strengthen their online presence in new ways.

“We see opportunities to expand even further. Among other things, we’re looking into the possibility to do livestreams along with increased interactivity for the employees.”

Silje also notes that working with video has taught both her and the company a valuable lesson when it comes to communication.

“The way you communicate is crucial to whether or not the message is received.”

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