Södertälje kommun is leading the way for interactive video in public organisations

"The interactive elements enables the viewer to open up and control the video further."

Södertälje kommun has now initiated an exciting interactive video project together with Qbrick. 

The project covers the competition ”Årets byggnadsverk och renovering 2019” where citizens can vote for their favourite nominee. To increase viewer engagement the videos were equipped with interactive elements.

In this case clickable buttons within the player were used, guiding the viewer to watch or read more about certain details regarding these buildings. The interactive elements enables the viewer to open up and control the video further. 

“Qbrick offered an exciting solution for new efficient digital communication. By working with clickable elements in the player window we’re hoping to create engagement and interest from our target groups” says Dagh Sandström, communications at Södertälje kommun.

In public organisations the areas of usage for interactive videos are plentiful. It can be applied instead of administrative forms, certificates, guide lining documents, citizen surveys, etc. Video is often a much more intuitive way to receive complex information, so instead of sending out documents that are difficult to read, why not use interactive video as a complement – or even a substitute? 
Interactive video is the new way of thinking of and producing video content. Video is not a one-directional method of communication anymore. To maximize its full potential, video needs to be bi-directional and enable the same user interactivity that you would be able to create with any modern web site. The potential for organisations to use interactivity in their communication, both internally and externally, is huge.
Qbrick’s mission is to make interactive video production and consumption more easy-available in order to increase viewer engagement.

If you have further questions regarding interactive video, feel free to contact us at +46 8 459 90 00 – and we’ll tell you more. 

Watch how Södertälje kommun used interactive videos

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