You need to organize your video production process. This is WHY and HOW.

"Videos are stored on different hard drives, different apps, different cloud services. Different software is used for different purposes for the same video. It looks exhausting.."

Let’s put some things in perspective:

A sports car is the result of thousands of hours in terms of research, development and production. That’s why it’s expensive and why you typically would treat it with care and love.

Equally, what you see in a single video is typically also the net result of massive efforts in terms of man hours:

  1. Coming up with an idea
  2. Scripting
  3. “Tech stuff”
  4. Recording
  5. Editing

It’s not uncommon that companies and organizations are spending anything from €2.000 to hundreds of thousands of € on what we perhaps would label as “just another video”. This insight – in combination with the fact that video should be your primary communication method, if you (as a company/organization) want to become or remain relevant for your audience – should get you thinking about how you are working with video.

We meet with companies and organizations on a daily basis, who all understand the importance of producing video content in-house! Which is great. In fact, for us, it’s the cherry on top that makes every working day a bliss. But if there’s one issue that we keep seeing pop up, it’s the DIY-type-processes that these companies/organizations use.

Videos are stored on different hard drives, different apps, different cloud services. Different software is used for different purposes for the same video. It looks exhausting.

So why is it important to organize your creation process properly? The simple, but sometimes painful, answer is this:

You need to create even more video content and communicate even more frequently with your target audience.

Recent studies shows that successful companies are communicating between 2 and 5 times / week* in certain channels. Such frequency requires a well thought out working process and functional platform support.

With this in mind, together with the feedback from our customers, we’ve created a list of 5 guiding principles that you should think about when gearing up to take on the video content challenge:

1. Re-use your video content

This will ease a bit of your burden with creating new video content. You’ve already gone through the troubles of filming all your offices and factories (maybe?). Why not use it again, when it’s needed? Make sure that you’ve got access to your entire video content library through one common platform.

2. Don't be dependant on one person

Delegate the responsibility for content creation to all co-workers – and leave the old way of being dependant on your one “video person”. You should all work based on one common process and one platform. That way, content and knowledge never disappears because Kenny got the flu.

3. Streamline your publications

You should always maximize the reach of your content by communicating through different channels. But there’s no need to deal with these social media (and otherwise) platforms separately. Use one platform from which you control all video publishing. That way, you save time and ensure consistent communication on all channels.

4. Use statistics to improve and grow

Analyze and learn from what you’ve done so that you can improve your message and communicative techniques for next time. Use a platform that can provide statistics from all your channels (being: Social Media channels, your web, e-mail campaigns, intranet, etc).

5. Focus on what matters

Spend your thought energy on “What to communicate?” and “To whom?”. Don’t waste your time on thinking about the technical obstacles that come with using a variety of different platforms, apps or technical solutions. Choose a platform that does it all.

We’ve seen examples of the best (and the worst) video content processes and solutions out there and we would love to share our experiences with you. Just ping us and we’ll drop by for a cup of coffee or a workshop 😊

* Study published by HubSpot.

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