Video Shopping around the clock.



What is Video shopping?

Video shopping is the art of offering products for sale in video form. Thanks to nifty technology, you’re able to do this in many forms. Live and on-demand! Mobile and desktop!

Create the video shopping experience you want for your viewers, with Qbrick.

Perfect for all industries



Show off your new collection in an on-demand video or live stream. Add your clothing items as shoppable products within the video player.

health and beauty

Health & Beauty

Show your viewers how to use your health & beauty products in an on-demand video live stream. Add the items you’re using as shoppable products within the video player.


Inspire your viewers with breathtaking video from the locations you’re offering. Add ticket links as shoppable products within the video player.



Stream live shows or release limited on-demand productions with in-video shopping of merch, tickets or other shoppable products.

If you’re a company with products in 2022, you need video shopping.

Shoppers are deciding to stay in the comfort of their own homes instead of venturing out to physical stores.

You need a fun and engaging way to make your customers come back to your online store over and over again.

Plant the seed to a more profitable tomorrow!

video shopping

Stand out in the crowd of e-tailers

With online sales becoming more and more prevalent as the go-to option for shoppers, you need something that make consumers go “wow“. Here’s your wow.


Increase sales with video

Video marketing has been proven to increase CTR, decrease bounce rate and increase web conversion rates. Not to mention it’s the preferred way of consuming content now. Don’t be the late to the party.

Live & on-demand

You know your audience better than anyone. That’s why you should be in charge of what type of content you create for them.

Our platform is broader and more flexible than other brands on the market. That’s why we can offer a wide variety of formats and broadcasting options.

Experience & Shop

With our interactive editor, you can do more than the average video shopping solution.

What is the story behind your campaign? Your brand? Lead your audience into a narrative before introducing them to your products in a sleek on-demand production:

How does it work?

Dive into the Qbrick work flow!


create interactive buttons

Create your interactive content

Use the interactive editor to create shoppable product images or navigational buttons.


interactive editor

For on-demand shopping video

Place your interactive content where it should be on your video timeline – and decide what happens when you click on them.


live queue

For LIVE shopping events

Place your interactive content in the queue within the Qbrick Live Manager. Publish them to the live stream with the click of a button.

Desktop or smartphone?

Where are your viewers at?


Desktop widescreen

Create a 16:9 video experience with navigational buttons and shoppable products.


Smartphone portrait screen

Create a 9:16 video experience specifically for mobile viewers, with shoppable products.

Self-use interactive editor

Moderated viewer chat

Live & on-demand video

Boost your online sales with interactive video shopping.

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