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Generate accurate subtitles with one click

Avoid hours of work by using our Speech to text engine to transcribe & subtitle your videos.

Tested & approved for Nordic languages.

Trusted by 100+ companies

Unmatched features & results

Automatic transcriptions

Manual subtitling is no longer needed. With the Qbrick Video Platform, you can transcribe every video you make automatically. Generate subtitles in several different languages and edit both words and timing if needed. All subtitle files can also be downloaded for local use – or for uploading to social media platforms.

High accuracy results

Thanks to our world leading AI speech engine partner, we’re able to offer automatic transcriptions with higher accuracy. The AI is constantly learning from diverse voices on the internet, making it better at recognizing and processing dialects and accents that traditional speech engines struggle with.

Edit, add & adjust

Whether it’s timing issues or wording mistakes, you can always edit your subtitles in the text editor. Add or delete rows & adjust timing with ease. Save changes to see your updates immediately in the Qbrick Player.

100% GDPR compliant

One of the most pressing security questions are regarding the location of processing and storage of your video material. With our unique service, we can offer a solution where all video processing and storage is kept within the EU. And of course, all files uploaded to our video platform are stored and processed in accordance with current GDPR regulations.

Subtitles are important, but often time consuming

Skip the boring part (writing for hours) and use our AI to make sure everyone understands your video.

"We chose Qbrick because it was a safe choice. The technology is robust and they’re a steady actor that was well known on the market."


“Qbrick has a great support team, and great service. We always feel that we get help when we need it, in a fast and efficient manner.”


“Video is without a doubt what creates the most engagement from our followers. And the support from Qbrick has been excellent.”

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