4 types of videos that create value for customers and co-workers

While social media content is crucial for any brand, there are other avenues where video could benefit you and help you in simplifying day-to-day activities, as well as creating value for both customers and co-workers.

When you’re working with video communication, it’s easy to develop what you could call “social media tunnel vision”. You can get caught up creating visually pleasing content for your social medias, only producing what your followers on those channels would want to see.

While social media content is crucial for any brand, there are other avenues where video could benefit you and help you in simplifying day-to-day activities, as well as creating value for both customers and co-workers.

Let’s look at 4 types of videos that any business can use to elevate their communication game.


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Video voice mail

You want to build that personal connection to your customers and prospective leads, right? Well, video is key to reaching that goal. Humans will always respond better to seeing your face, compared to reading a paragraph of text.

With personal voice mails, sales representatives and costumer success managers can produce video greetings connected to various stages in a sale or upsale process.

Shoot a short video before a meeting where you go through the agenda and clarify expectations on your part. Do another one afterwards where you recap what’s been said and explain what’s next in the process. 

The goal is to create simple short form videos, suitable for an email. All you really need is a smartphone camera or webcam, (maybe) a microphone and a short script to read out.

Don’t stress yourself out over reaching a higher production value for these videos. Your prospective customers will appreciate the authenticity – and your schedule will thank you for choosing the easier option.

See our sales representative Sofia in her interactive video voice mail below:


Need more tips on how to produce easy video content? Watch any of our episodes in the “HOW TO” series here on our website.

Explainer videos

A key advantage of working with video is its ability to convey information in an easy and approachable way. Explainer videos are just that, videos that help disassemble data into a manageable format. They come in different shapes and sizes but are in general about one to two minutes in length. They can be filmed, animated or a combination of both and are useful in a multitude of ways. 

Are you having a first meeting with a potential new client? Maybe you want to brief the customer beforehand by creating a video explaining a certain area of your business. Now you can start the meeting immediately being on equal footing. It’s also a good way to catch people’s initial interest.

By having an explainer video on your website (or pushed out in social media) you can create a well-produced, concise, and efficient elevator pitch covering what your company is all about. What about dispatching the age old “About Us” tab on your website by having a video communicate company history and values instead? 

The possibilities are vast as each company has it’s own unique communication needs, here are some examples of how Qbrick incorporates explainer videos in their external communications: 


Need help producing a professional video for your business? We have our very own in-house production team that can help you with everything from explainers & interviews to high quality advertisements & brand videos. Check us out here.


Who’s better at promoting your business than the people using your services? Honest reviews from actual users is incredibly important when it comes to customer decision making. And that’s where video testimonials come in!

Film/record an interview with your latest client. Ask them questions about how they use your products, how it’s helped them and if they would recommend you to others. The questions vary depending on what kind of services you provide, of course.

Need some inspiration for your own video testimonials? View this example down below, or check out other examples here and here.

Onboarding videos

Let’s say you’re hiring new staff – great! 

In order to get them up to speed on how your organisation works, you need to go through a process called onboarding. Yes, yes – this you know.

Traditionally, an onboarding process involves a lot of meetings and written documents. When in fact, videos are a lot more memorable than text. Viewers retain 95% of information from a video, compared to 10% from text.

Especially technical details, like how to use your digital software, or how they access your internal server, is better explained in a video, where they can see visual examples in motion, and go through the material in their own pace.

If you’re a company that provides digital services for your customers, you can also benefit from creating onboarding videos for your customers. Embed these videos into your service, or on your website FAQ page, so that your customers can always reach them and re-watch them whenever they need.

These videos can be made even more engaging and effective by making them interactive. Read more about what an interactive video is, and how to make one, here.



Andreas Bard

Content creator for Qbrick productions

Andreas Bard (Qbrick Production Team) is a video editor and content creator based in Stockholm.

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