Presenting Qbrick Speech To Text: Accurate, Inclusive & GDPR secure.

Together with our new speech engine partner, we’re ready to present our clients with the most accurate & inclusive speech to text engine & editor on the market.

Why choose Qbrick for your video transcriptions and subtitles?

We have partnered with a new speech engine company to bring you the most accurate and easy-to-use Speech to text service on the market.

With our service, you can generate subtitles for all the videos in your archive without writing a single word. And if the need arises, you can edit phrasing and timing in our subtitle editor. It’s the complete package for companies who need video subtitles fast.

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Improved speech engine

Most speech engines on the market use what is called “Automatic” Speech Recognition. This method of AI training relies on consuming large quantities of data from a narrow set of speakers.

This has resulted in something that Nordic language speakers know too well: mediocre results for any other language than fluent native English. 

With our updated speech engine, we’re able to offer Nordic customers a level of ASR (Automated speech recognition) accuracy that they’ve never experienced before.

How? Our ASR partner has a new way of training their AI; called “Autonomous” Speech Recognition. This method has a higher accuracy rate for all kinds of different languages and dialects, because it’s being trained using a wider range of voices.

Interested in the research behind our speech engine partner’s accuracy? Dig deeper into their AI training and tech here.

Combined with our GDPR offering, this makes our Speech-to-text editor a must-have for Nordic companies communicating with video.

GDPR security

Companies within the public sector have a lot of obligations to uphold a high standard for security, GDPR and Web Accessibility. These obligations cover all forms of communication, including video. We have a large customer base within the public sector, which is why we prioritize these factors in all of our services.

All files uploaded to our Video Platform are stored and processed in accordance with current GDPR regulations. We’re a Nordic based company with local servers.

To keep your videos safe you can use extended security features like password tokens and IP restrictions. This applies to both VODs and live streams.

Beyond that, our Video Player was built with Web Accessibility Guidelines in mind. Read more about our player here.

Search for transcription content

Generating transcriptions for your videos has another important perk beyond accessibility. Namely: searchability.

There are a multitude of ways you can organize your video content in the Qbrick Video Platform. Catalogs and playlists allow you to sort your video content visually depending on who created it, what it’s for, when it was created, and more. With tags, you can sort your videos into different categories, like “HR content“, “Onboarding“, “FAQ” and more.

Transcriptions is yet another building block to improve the searchability of your video archive. Whatever is said in your video can be searched for.

This method is great for when you need to find videos mentioning a certain product, term or person.

Easy to use

In the Qbrick Video Platform you can get an entire transcription of your uploaded video with the click of a button. Generate subtitles in your spoken language – edit words & timing if needed – and translate your subtitles into other languages.

Read more here.

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