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What makes a video player good?

A Video Player can be so much more than a screen with a play button. Using the Qbrick video player, PLAY2, you can distribute high quality Live and On-Demand videos to all viewers, regardless of devices being used. PLAY2 is a fully responsive HTML5 based player with Flash fallback. It supports engagement features such as Interactive Video, 360 videoDigital Rights Management (DRM)WCAG (accessibility standards) and Player Analytics. You can also style your own player to maximize your own branding profile.


Feel Free To Be Creative.

With Qbrick video player, you are 100% in control over your own content and hence of your audience and the data they generate. You can publish your videos on any platform and you are not tied to any advertise driven platforms that will use their own branding profile or use your content to attract business for themselves or others.  

What does "interactive video" mean?

The human attention span has shrunk by nearly 25% in just 15 years - creating a challenge for all communicators.

New research states that the average human attention span has shrunk by nearly 25% in just 15 years. So what does that mean for us when communicating in a crowded space where everybody is seeking attention? It means two things:

You need to catch the attention in more effective ways than others do. Video has proven to outperform other communication mediums when it comes capture the interest from your audience.

Once you’ve caught the attention you need to retain the attention. A good story in your video is the basis for keeping an audience but you can also add an additional interactive layer that increases the engagement with your audience.

Our way of taking on these two challenges is through the use of what we call Interactive Video.

Through Qbrick’s Video Platform you can add an interactive layer on your video that enables your viewers to engage with you. This can for example be in the form of a Call To Action (CTA) button for a sign-up, a Click-Through link taking you to a website, a download button for a form or as a video where you as a viewer can impact the story depending on choices you make in the video. You can also use the interactive module by integrating your video to any other business system such as an e-commerce platform to enable click-to-buy functionality directly from a video.

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2.7 minutes

Average time watched of single internet video

59 %

Percentage of senior executives who would choose video over text


PLAY2 is a fully responsive HTML5 based player with Flash fallback.

Interactive video support

Create a whole new experience for your viewers using interactive buttons, text and graphics.

360 video support

Expand your horizons using 360 degree videos. Allow your viewers to see the full scope of your video.


Safeguard your video and audio content with industry standard copyright protection measures.


Ensure the accessibility of your video content for all people with disabilities and for all user agents.

Customized styling

We support customization of our video player, enabling you to change the look of our default player to match your company's branding.

Our player is only the window to the story you want to tell.

It's up to you to decide how you want to tell it.​​

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