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Based on our calculations, you seem to be a creative business with ambitions to stream live events. We think the following might suit you:

  1. An online editor that anyone can use. No installs required.
  2. The ability to share videos and projects between co-workers.
  3. A stable CDN for live streaming of any size.
  4. Easy tools for managing and excite-i-fying live streams.

Keep scrolling to see some more information that we’ve collected just for you.

Video editor

Video Editing Made Easy

Video Editor

All the basics and more! But also connected to a Video Platform that has it all.
More, more!
Live streaming

Live Streaming and Polls

Live Manager & QnA

Simple tools to manage your stream, create video snapshots & push out questions and polls.
More, more!
Video editor


Video Editor

You’re a “can-do” company! And you know that with the increase in demand for video content – not ALL of your video productions can be sourced externally. And that’s why you want to start creating your own videos with Qbrick’s app and video editor.

Live streaming


Live Streaming & Management

We have a long history of live event hosting, both big and small. Our clients know that they can count on the durability of our platform, which gives them the confidence to focus less on tech and more on “SHOW”. We have tools that can help you manage your own live streams, as well as engage your viewers.


Live Questions and Polls

Interact with your audience during the stream by gathering their feedback through in-video question forms and polls.

Their answers are collected and presented to you in the Q&A app, allowing you to answer and present results during the stream.

Questions and polls
Video Platform

The complete package

All of our apps and various other services are made with love and used by customers all over the Nordics. But it’s also wonderful to be able to say: “AND it’s a part of the Qbrick Video Platform”.

Why? Because that means that if you’re ever in need of any of our other apps, you just have to add it on to your account – and voilĂ , it’s connected to all your files and projects in an instant.

Not to mention that you have a safe space to store all your company’s videos, playlists, projects and channels forever.

Ergo wonderful.

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