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Driven by a constant information flow in social media etc, the audience of today is seeking for instant and authentic communications. With Qbrick Live streaming you can communicate with your targeted audience in real time creating a feeling of “being there”, the same feeling that creates high engagement.

Whether you are targeting consumers, employees or partners, they are rarely at the same location at the same time and Live streaming is a very efficient way to reach such distributed audience. As soon as your Live session is over you can use the automated recording function to create an On-Demand video of your event. Once done you can publish it on any platform so that your audience can enjoy your event again or use the content to attract new viewers.

Some example use cases for Qbrick Live Streaming:

Townhall meetings

Handle the challenge of communicating within geographically distributed organizations by using Live Streaming.

Management briefings

Make sure that information regularly gets distributed from management level all the way out to individual employees.

Training sessions

Every organization need to invest in ongoing training of employees. However, the cost of gathering everybody in one place can be very high. Use Live streaming to train your employees or partners in a recurring and efficient way.


Events such as kick-offs or product launches are often amazing opportunities to engage with your audience. Grasp the opportunity to expand your audience and invite viewers to participate remotely using Live Streaming.

Regardless of what you’re Live streaming, with Qbrick Live streaming you can always interact with your audience in real time using the Q&A service. This unique service really bridges the physical gap between you and your audience making everybody more engaged.

Live transcoding

Your viewers are watching your live stream from different places over different internet connections. Qbrick’s Live Transcoding service will transform your one input signal into multiple stream qualities to ensure the most optimal viewer experience without any buffering etc.


Not everybody can attend a meeting or event at the same time. With Qbrick’s Live2File service you can automatically record your meeting and make the content available as a an On-Demand video immediately after the event is completed.


Maximize the engagement with your viewers by enabling them to ask you questions during a live streamed event. Qbrick’s Q&A service comes with a video player in which viewers can type in their questions or comments. Questions or comments will be displayed for the presenter in a moderator view enabling you to select what you would like to respond to or address immediately in your presentation. All Q&A history can be stored so that you have the option to address even after a meeting is completed.

Live manager

With Qbrick’s Live Manager you can now become your own professional video producer. You’re most likely familiar with the expression “a Kodak moment” so don’t let the opportunity to create amazing content pass. Rewind and review. Create snapshots from your live stream and convert to video files for instant publishing on any platform. Share snapshots of your livestream to your social media while the stream is ongoing.


With Qbrick’s Timeshift service your audience can join a live streamed meeting after it has started and still view it from the beginning. As a viewer, you can always scroll back in time and watch a past episode again.

Manage your stream LIVE

With the Live Manager

Rewind and review. Create snapshots and convert to media files. Share to your social media while the stream is ongoing.

of audiences want behind-the-scenes access and prefer to watch online live-stream video when it offers more behind-the-scenes content than traditional television.
of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one.
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