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Onboarding is the process of integrating employees into a new workplace.

This process includes everything from a presentation of the business, colleagues, education, introduction to the workplace, tour of the office spaces and making sure that new employees get access to computers, accounts, keys, codes and similar necessities. 

A good onboarding experience contributes to the employee feeling welcome, satisfied and safe with their new workplace – and that they’re able to get to work as soon as possible.

We at Qbrick facilitate the onboarding process of businesses by helping them use video. A lot of stages in the hiring process are time consuming – not just from the perspective of HR personnel, but also from other related resources at the company. 

By video-fying parts of (let’s say) the personnel handbook, you can save several hours of work time at every new hire.

We provide you with everything you need to create and manage videos that engage.

Depending on how much of your onboarding process you choose to video-fy, we see a potential to save 20-40% of your time (which of course is easily translated into monetary savings).

In the calculation example below, we’re counting on a conservative effectiveness ratio of 20%.

The example calculation was made with SEK (swedish kronor) as well as swedish employment taxes (31,42%) in mind. 

Please do take the chance to calculate how much you would be saving by using video in your onboarding process.

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