Sodexo is making video content for internal educational purposes

Why read instructions when you can see what to do, step by step, in video form? That’s what Jennie at Sodexo realised.

Jennie Petersson has spearheaded a project to video-fy internal education at Sodexo.

Why read instructions when you can see what to do, step by step, in video form? That’s what Jennie at Sodexo realised before she set out to revolutionize company education for her co-workers.


Jennie Petersson, Sodexo

Sodexo is a food services and facilities management company that offers services for the public and private sector.

“We work with video to create invites to events, instructions for our co-workers, informational content for our users & for a number of our digital courses”.

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Sodexo creates a lot of their own videos in the Qbrick editor. For a few larger projects, she says, she contracts the help of Qbrick’s production team.

“Qbrick has a great support team, and great service. We always feel that we get help when we need it, in a fast and efficient manner.”

Sodexo has implemented a unique system using QR codes and instructional videos. They place signs at their warehouse stations with a QR code that leads to an informational video regarding the “how-to:s” of that particular station.

“It developed into something like language training for our co-workers who don’t speak Swedish as their native language.”

For every video, they create subtitles in different languages, to help workers who need translation help. The viewer can select the language they prefer in the Qbrick player when watching the video.

Jennie says the response to their video instructions has been positive.

“Video is a great tool for communication. And it’s also fun to work with.”

She continues by saying that the hardest part of producing videos is to “get going”. But once you’ve got the hang of it, she says, it gets easier.


Image shows a QR sign at one of Sodexos work stations – linking to an instructional video.

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