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High control embedding

We pride ourselves in giving our users high-level access to service features. With our embedding options, you can decide exactly how you want it to look and function. Choose your visuals by uploading a custom thumbnail or using a screenshot from the video itself. Take control of your playback with autoplay, loop, silent audio, repeat and more.

embed options in video platform ui

Copy + paste code

When you upload a video to the Qbrick Video Platform, you get a unique embedding code for each media. Choose embed or iframe and post it wherever you want.

Customizable player

Setup different configurations for the Qbrick video player on your account and choose which one works best for your current needs.


All your video metadata comes with your embedded video, boosting your SEO.


Our video player weighs about the same as a small jpg, meaning that it won’t burden your web visitors with additional loading times.

Let’s talk about your video strategy.

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