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Reach new heights!

Wow! Based on our calculations, you seem to be a business that’s open to experimenting with modern ways to reach new and bigger audiences.

You know that there’s SO much potential in video communication that most people still haven’t unlocked. 

But you’re ready to unlock it now!

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Video editor

Video Editing Made Easy

Video Editor

All the basics and more! But also connected to a Video Platform that has it all.
More, more!

Make Videos Interactive

Interactive Editor

Create interactive experiences with clickable buttons, branching and shopping!
More, more!
Video editor


Video Editor

You’re a “can-do” company! And you know that with the increase in demand for video content – not ALL of your video productions can be sourced externally. And that’s why you want to start creating your own videos with Qbrick’s app and video editor.


Interactive Editor

New tech is cool. But in this case it’s also beneficial to better your relationship with your followers. Don’t let them leave your video before activating them with multiple choices (branching) and call-to-actions. Get them hooked with gamification and video shopping. Or just send them to where you want them to go with the click of a button. It’s up to you.

Video Platform

The complete package

All of our apps and various other services are made with love and used by customers all over the Nordics. But it’s also wonderful to be able to say: “AND it’s a part of the Qbrick Video Platform”.

Why? Because that means that if you’re ever in need of any of our other apps, you just have to add it on to your account – and voilà, it’s connected to all your files and projects in an instant.

Not to mention that you have a safe space to store all your company’s videos, playlists, projects and channels forever.

Ergo wonderful.

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