This is Qbrick.

QVP Front end & .NET development team

We have an expert team of developers working to enhance and build upon our Video Platform and other client needs.

Account management team

We have a driven group of account managers and technical account managers working hard to expand and take care of our growing customer base.

Production & design team

We have a hard working team of creatives managing communication outlets and helping clients fulfil their vision. We’re also Ritualen.

Why Qbrick?

We already think Qbrick is the best. But if you’re not aware of the phenomenon that is Qbrick, we understand you might need a list of points to explain the unique aspects of our company and culture.


We’re the OG innovators of online video communication and technology. We’ve been around since 1999 – building the foundation of video streaming as you know it today.


We’re a tight-knit group of dedicated people from all over the Nordics and the world, with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland.


At Qbrick we’re always learning new things and nurturing new ideas. Because that’s the only way to break new grounds on the digital market.


We love video! We believe it’s the best communication medium in the world; which is why we’re working really hard to develop video 2.0.

So what now?

Do you want to help us build the future of online video communication? See all job openings in our interactive company video.

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