What’s new in the Qbrick Video Platform? [April 2024]

We've got some exciting updates this month, to simplify and supercharge your video creation process and interactivity.

We have a bunch of new updates to the Qbrick Video Platform that we can’t wait to share with all of you! Let’s go through them one by one in this article.

Here are the headlines:

Easy, fast & professional video creation with Adobe Express in the Qbrick Video Platform

A ton of new features: Edit professional videos for your website, social media channels, ads & more. Thanks to Adobe’s vast library of content, templates & effects, you’ll have no problem creating impressive videos in a matter of minutes. 

You can also create your own brand and save brand colors, logos, fonts & templates to use for all future projects. Quick and easy!

Adobe Express is now completely implemented with The Qbrick platform, which means that you can now create new AE projects from our platform and save rendered videos in your Qbrick library.

Adobe express in the Qbrick video platform

Edit and replace: Let’s say you’ve filled your Qbrick Interact project with scenes created in Adobe Express – and suddenly you notice a spelling mistake in one of your scenes. No problem! Now you can quickly access Adobe Express from Qbrick Interact. Make your changes and click “save”. Your interactive media will be replaced immediately.

Edit and replace video

Create videos with screen recordings

Record yourself, your screen, or BOTH: Introducing a WHOLE new way of creating content in the Qbrick Video Platform. Click “Start recording” to open up the recorder. From here you can choose to record your screen, yourself or both.

If you choose “both”, you will get a recording of your screen with a small window in the bottom corner showing your webcam feed (view image below).

This is a perfect way to create sales demos, presentations, FAQ videos & more – because it’s fast, easy & you’ll never have to leave our platform.

Recorder in the Qbrick Video Platform

Improvements to Qbrick Interact

Stock library: Get started with interactive video faster by utilizing stock videos to populate your scenes. Choose between hundreds of stylish videos from Unsplash or Pexels.

Snap tool: Layouting & design in Qbrick interact is now easier than ever with a built-in snap tool to help you align text, images & buttons. The snap tool helps you with both center alignment and widget-to-widget alignment.

Snapping tool

Shortcuts to create in Qbrick Interact: With all our new content creation updates, we’ve made sure to add shortcuts to each options in the Qbrick Interact storyboard view. Create a new scene with uploaded content, new recordings and/or adobe express projects.

A new dashboard - to help you get started faster

Highlighted shortcuts: Start creating as soon as you login! We’ve added helpful shortcuts to all features at the top of your dashboard view.

What’s new: In our new dashboard, you now have an update feed with all our latest news! You’ll never have to miss an important feature update again.

What's new in Qbrick Video Platform

New playlist design

New playlist design in the Qbrick Player: Playlists have never looked so good! We now have a whole new design for Qbrick playlists, for desktop and mobile. Now your viewers can easily browse between all videos in your playlist.

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