Product highlights: See what’s new in the Qbrick Video Platform (January 2024)

We've rolled out a number of great features to the Qbrick Video Platform, and Interact in particular. Check them out!

Here we are – in January of 2024! Can you believe it? We want to take this time to go through some of the latest feature updates in the Qbrick Video Platform. 

Library design updates

Qbrick Video Platform Library Design Updates

We’re always working to improve the Qbrick Video Platform library. It’s the heart of your Qbrick experience, after all! Login today to see the following design improvements to your library view:

Brighter and improved tree structure for a better browsing experience

The left side tree structure has been adjusted to both look and function better. Notice the fast track “New catalog” button where you’re positioned, as well as the new drop down menu when you click on any of your catalog items (featuring shortcuts to inspect and delete catalogs).

Coloring has been adjusted to match the rest of your library view. It’s now much brighter and better to look at!

Adjustments to your filter options

The filter bar icons have gone through a design overhaul to match the design of the rest of the video platform. Click on the “Advanced search” icon at the end to see a new and improved advanced search flow.

Video thumbnail design changes

All video thumbnails and metadata have been adjusted to look more modern. In the previous library version we featured media shortcut icons over the media thumbnails (on hover) – which we have now moved over to a right-click drop down menu to keep all thumbnails clean and easy to navigate through.

New app tabs

The biggest change made is the addition of our new app tabs. You can now easily navigate between your different Qbrick apps by clicking on any of the tabs in your main header menu.

The breadcrumbs have moved down to the main library view, above the filter options. They also have a new look!

Interact feature updates

Qbrick Interact is our newest app release; a follow-up to our previous “Qbrick Interactive Editor” app. This new version features a much more intuitive work flow, as well as features that couldn’t have been possible in our previous editor. In other words, it’s been greatly appreciated by our interactive video clients. Here are some of the latest updates we’ve made to Interact:

Multi-select on scenes

Scene multi-select

Multi-select scenes in your workspace to move scenes in bulk.

For mac:

Click on cmd and click to multi-select scenes one by one. Click on shift and drag to multi-select several scenes at once.

For windows:

Click on ctrl and click to multi-select scenes one by one. Click on shift and drag to multi-select several scenes at once.

Re-use widgets across different scenes

Re-use existing widgets

Get ready for a big time saver! If you want to use the same button across several scenes (for example; if you want to have a “Go back” button that leads to your menu scene), you can access all your existing widgets under Widgets > Created Widgets

Simply copy it over and you’re done! 

Widget action: Pause on entry

Pause on entry

We already have “Action on click”. With this action, you can say whether a button leads to another scene or to an external URL. This is basic interactive stuff.

Now we’ve added a new form of action! “Action on entry“. For now, this will allow you to add a pause when a widget enters the scene.

When should you use this action? For example, when you want your viewers to make a choice before the interactive video experience continues. Add a pause on entry, and your viewers will have all the time in the world to make their choice.

Adjust z-index in the timeline and preview window

Adjust z-index in timeline

Previously, z-index (layer order) was something you manually entered in the settings of your widget. Now you can adjust z-index by dragging your widgets to different layers in the timeline, or by right-clicking on the widget in the preview window and choosing “Bring to front” or “Send to back“. 

A much more visual and intuitive way to move widgets around! 

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