How to craft the perfect marketing video (for every budget)

In this blog post, we’re going to cover how you can create a successful marketing video with every budget.

Depending on the standard you set for your videos, creating your first videos can seem like a tall task. Some companies create cinematic ads with huge production value, and others go viral with creative TikTok videos they made in 5 minutes. Regardless of the budget, you can create videos that have an impact and turn viewers into customers. Let’s look at how.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover how you can create a successful marketing video with every budget. But first: Let’s start with laying the foundation.

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Core principles:

1. Define your objectives and audience

No matter your budget, or what type of video you’re creating, you always need a clear goal and a documented target audience – if you want the video to be successful. So firstly, define what you want your video to achieve and who you want to reach. Then move on to the creation process.

2. Craft a strong script

The script is the foundation of your video, and can’t be understated. A well thought out script saves “bad” videos, and enhances the good looking ones. Create a message and a story, with your company’s tonality, that you think will resonate with your target audience.

3. Choose the right equipment

This one is a bit tricky, because not all kinds of videos need perfect angles, lightning and resolution. And in most cases, you don’t need much to get decent quality. However, it’s almost always a good idea to focus on achieving the best possible audio and visual quality within your budgetary constraints.

4. Optimize audio quality

Regardless of your budget, crisp and clear audio is non-negotiable. Invest in decent microphones (lavalier mics are perfect for most budgets) and pay attention to ambient noise to ensure your message is delivered with clarity.

5. Create engaging visuals

Every video could use some editing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cinematic masterpiece of a TikTok. Use visuals to gain, and keep that precious attention. Use subtitles, infographics or pictures to add to the story and make sure your audience stays until the end of the video.

Now, let’s delve into how the video production process differs based on three distinct budgets.

1. Smartphone budget

The budget-friendly script

Since you don’t want the video creation process to take up all your time, a short, to-the-point script might be your best choice. Or you can always film spontaneous videos with just a video idea, to capture the authentic vibes, which usually is a big hit with gen Z.

Being smart about equipment

While limited to a smartphone, pay attention to framing, lighting and at least invest in a budget-friendly external microphone for improved audio quality. Remember that day light through a window can be used as the perfect lighting setup!

Visuals that enhances your message

There are a lot of camera features and free editing apps that cover most needs. Make the most out of the simplicity of a smartphone and create visuals that resonates with your audience and represents your brand.

Maximizing your social distribution

Your video won’t matter if no one sees it. For a cost-effective distribution solution, social media and newsletter are perfect. Make sure to encourage engagement to please the algorithms and increase your organic reach.

2. Studio-quality camera budget

Add some details to the script

With a higher budget, you want to invest more time and focus on crafting a detailed script. Consider story elements that can be enhanced with advanced camera features when filming to create a polished story and packaging. Don’t be afraid to make the script more detailed and more emotional, if you have the expertise to pull it off.

Equipment for a professional look

Upgrade to an entry-level camera (In a 500$-1000$ price class) and basic lightning equipment for a more professional look. Play around with it until you have a look that feels professional and on brand. Also – research into what lenses can fulfill your cinematic needs and enhance the overall production quality.

Add company flair through visuals

Explore more advanced editing software to add crisp graphics, text, filters and transitions. Create your own style or steal with pride – Here’s your chance to stand out and celebrate the style of your company.

Distribution with ROI in mind

With a more polished video, consider targeting a wider audience through paid advertising. Leverage platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to showcase your video to a larger, targeted audience.

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3. Cinematic studio budget

A script filled with thought and emotion

Since you have the budget, collaborating with a professional script writer would be a good idea. This way, you could make your story and message even more captivating, emotional and really make sure that every word counts. You don’t want your masterpiece to be bogged down by a hastily written script.

High-end equipment for the cinematic look

To maximize the cinematic feel of your video, you’ll need to step your equipment game up. Invest in top-tier cameras, lenses and lighting. Also, consult or hire a professional cinematographer to make sure the camera work and lighting placements are top tier – ensuring every frame exudes cinematic excellence.

Masterful visuals for the perfect packaging

The editing process is crucial to make sure your final package feels professional and cinematic. When using the most advanced editing platforms, and going over every frame, you need someone with expertise and experience. Hire a video editor or educate one of your co-workers. When creating at this level, editing can no longer be a simple side project.

Distribute your video for buzz and business

Depending on what type of video you’ve created, you can publish it in different channels, such as commercials, Youtube ads, film festivals etc. When having a video at this cinematic level, you are bound to raise a few eyebrows wherever you publish it. Make sure to go back to your target audience and choose a distribution strategy that reaches them where they are.

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In conclusion

While the core principles of video production remain consistent across budgets, the process and approach to create and distribute your video adapts depending on your resources. Once you have a goal, and know your audience, make sure you choose a budget that fits your needs. Whatever budget level you end up on, crafting your marketing video should be a fun, creative process, resulting in a lasting impression and a high return on investment.

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