Qbrick LIVE IPO event

See the full stream on demand, and read the details of Qbrick's groundbreaking entry into the stock market.
qbrick live ipo

“Going public isn’t the end goal here, it’s only the beginning”, Fredrik Fagerlund (Qbrick CEO) said during the never-before-seen LIVE IPO stream on the 26th of May. 

If you weren’t able to catch the live show when it aired on pepins.com, you can now watch the full stream here:

Living what we preach.

Qbrick decided to take a road –never– travelled when introducing their IPO journey in May. The idea was to host an informative and entertaining live stream, with panels and musical guest “ISA”, streamed through Qbrick’s video platform, and viewable from Pepins website.  “We have to live what we preach”, says CEO Fredrik Fagerlund when asked why.

Not just live.

About a week before the LIVE IPO stream, Qbrick posted an introductory INTERACTIVE video on their page on pepins.com, for newcomers to get to know the company and the team behind it. The video was produced by the Qbrick production team, and includes exclusive interviews with members of the Qbrick Team and Board, as well as customer testimonials and an interview with the founder of the company, Peder Matsgård.

Experience it for yourself (swedish language):

Over 400 new investors, and 25 million SEK raised after LIVE IPO stream.

The live stream was a success, with over 400 new investors and 100% of the set financial goal reached in roughly 24 hours from the start of the show.

With a success like that, the whole team felt excited for a future of new possibilites. This is what Fredrik Fagerlund, CEO, had to say about the experience:

"Video will be a natural part of all processes, just like text & images have been since the beginning. We now proved that theory by challenging the traditional IPO process within the world of finance, and completed our funding goal within just over 24 hours. Qbrick is once again in the forefront, showing what can be achieved with interactive video with our never-before-seen LIVE IPO."

A few of the guests on the show. In picture: Johan Widmark, Erik Sprinchorn, Nicklas Andersson

Make sure to follow our journey by checking in here on qbrick.com, our investor site and all our social media channels.


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