Qbrick Live Streaming Events in November!

Here's the rundown of some exciting Live Streams from our clients during the month of November.

There’s a lot to think about and plan when it comes to live streaming an event for your business. Beyond just offering our customers reliable and secure live streaming solutions, we’re also available for extra help and support when it comes to the technical side of things.

Live streaming” as a term has become much more variable, as the reasons behind hosting them, and the different technologies used, has grown exponentially.

Live streaming of events and workshops has become a welcome substitute for personal meetings between groups of people. Especially this year.

Yes, it’s been a record-breaking year for live streamed events of all kinds (and online video in general).

And here’s a run-down of some of the live streams that were powered by Qbrick this month:

Image: Jacob Hård wins the Lukas Bonnier’s Grand Prize for Journalism

The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism hosts a week-long award ceremony live on their website.

The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism is an annual Swedish award founded in 1966 by Bonnier. Since 2016, the awards have been split into 5 categories (Scoop of the year, Storyteller of the year, Innovator of the year and Lukas Bonnier’s Grand Prize for Journalism).

This year, the award ceremonies were featured on their website using Qbrick’s “Premiere” function, meaning that the videos were produced beforehand and then premiered as live at a set time and date. 

The 5 awards were presented on 5 consecutive days, making for an exciting week for Swedish journalism.

Fun fact: Qbrick has helped host and support the live streaming of The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism for years. And with a team as great as theirs, we couldn’t be happier about the collaboration.

This is a “behind the scenes” video that we posted about the event from last year:

You can still view their most recent ceremony as a re-stream on their website! Go here to do that.

live stream

Image: Dancing on stage at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival

The Danish "Foundation for Entrepreneurship" hosts a week-long live stream to highlight young talent.

We were absolutely thrilled to help host and support this event. This is how the “Foundation for Entrepreneurship” described their own week-long festival:

During the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival, we held several different competitions for pupils and students. Here, the young people’s innovative ideas were assessed by judges from various companies and organizations, and the participants received useful feedback on their plans. Experienced business people contributed with advice and serious sparring, so that the young people had their ideas strengthened and new knowledge brought home.

(Translated from Danish. Source.)

All attendees at this event were completely safe, as all of the talks and feedback sessions were held via video chat. And thanks to the live stream, outside viewers were able to take part in getting inspired and learning from everything that was happening on stage.

That’s the power of live streaming! 

region stockholm

Image: From sll.se

Region Stockholm uses live streamed workshops for internal education.

Not unique to the month of November, Region Stockholm is ahead of the curve in terms of internal educational content. 

Using live streamed workshops, they’re able to spread knowledge and new information to their colleagues in a personal way – even in times of social distancing.

Thanks to Qbrick’s Live to File solution, the content is also viewable as an on-demand video after the live stream ends; making the information available for people who weren’t able to attend.

We’re continuously astounded at the talent and imagination of our clients. We love to help them achieve their goals; especially in a year like this, when we’ve all been faced with (what sometimes have felt like) insurmountable hurdles.

Now that we’ve been inspired by our clients’ creativity, let’s talk a bit more about how the term “live streaming” has developed in recent years.


Live streaming options

#1 : Traditional live

The classic method of live streaming is, of course, streaming your event as it happens. This creates a feeling of immediacy and excitement! But of course, it also demands a lot from the host and team behind the live stream, in order for the event to go smoothly.

#2 : "Live on tape" or "Premieres"

Another form of “live” streaming is producing content beforehand, and premiering it to online viewers at a set date and time. The exclusivity of the content remains the same, while adding the luxury of not having to worry about anything “going wrong”.

Of course, the host is never able to respond to viewer engagement during the stream, as the material is pre-recorded.

#3 : Interactive live stream

Speaking of viewer engagement: our technology now allows you to use interactivity during live streams.

What does this mean? Well imagine hosting a live stream where you talk about your latest product line, and being able to push out product images that are linked to a customer’s shopping cart.

With Qbrick’s interactive video technology, this is 100% possible.

Another example of interactive content that you can use during live streams is Question forms and Polls. With the Qbrick “Q&A” app, you can push out forms and polls for your live audience, and then present the results in the same stream.

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