Qbrick helps Bonnier stream the annual journalist awards

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Last week we had the honor of, once again, hosting the stream of the annual Stora journalistpriset (journalist awards) held in Stockholm. We’ve helped stream this event for years – and it’s been a pleasure everytime.

This year was, as always, great and challenging fun – with our streaming and production team going out, on-site, to help edit video material (highlights) in real time, from the stream, to post on their official social channels. 

It was a high-paced and exciting case for our team. This is what film photographer and editor Jesper Klarérus had to say:

It was a lot of fun to be there on-site, and to work with the team there. It's always great working in high-tempo environments with professional backstage teams like this. Everything went smoothly (as it always does), and we can't wait for next year's award show!

Jesper Klaréus
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