Soon to be 20 years ago, Qbrick as a company was registered and the foundation to what was the Nordics first streaming company was established.

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Haven’t heard from us in a while? Sorry about that! We’ve been working.

Soon to be 20 years ago...

…Qbrick as a company was registered and the foundation to what was the Nordics first streaming company was established.

Let’s stop for a while and reflect a bit on these soon to be 20-years. Here are a couple of things that has happened during this period:

One obvious reflection of these selected “events” is that many of the “phenomena” or brands didn’t exist back in 1999. Another reflection is that we today are taking some of this for granted and that in many cases this is impacting an extreme portion of our lives, both as individuals or companies.

A third personal reflection is (of course) that Qbrick has been operating throughout this entire period of major events!

Some of these “phenomena” or companies has without a doubt changed all of our lives in terms of how we interact, communicate or even gain insight to the world. One of the common denominators they, and hence we, are using to do this is through the use of visual communication.

All social media companies have moved over to a video centric approach where video now is the dominating way to communicate on these platforms.

300 hours (!!) of video is uploaded on Youtube every minute. On a single day in 2018, Netflix was streaming 350 million hours of movies and series to their subscription base.

The obvious fact is that that we’ve created a world where our hunger for video content doesn’t seem to have a limit. And have in mind that our hunger for content will continue to increase as the younger generation is growing up.

So what does all of this mean for you as a company? The simple and sometimes painful answer to that is that your company or organization needs to create even more video content, at least if you want to remain interesting for your audience, customers, partners, employees etc…

This insight became very clear for us here at Qbrick and this is what we’ve been working on for quite some time.

As a pioneer and an expert in this area, we’ve been streaming video for soon to be 20 years now and others such as Youtube or other OVP’s can do a similar thing. As a company you do no longer have to worry that much about technically getting your existing content out there. You rather need to think about how you can CREATE more content in a more efficient way.

Stay away from solutions that only enables you to handle parts of your video communication. Stay away from having your one “video person” in your company that you hope can fix it all for you.

These are your challenges – and it’s why we’ve been working on creating an end-to-end service allowing you to handle your entire strategic video communications, all the way from CREATING content  – MANAGING your content – ENGAGING your audience with your content.

To summarize this:

Sorry for being a bit silent for a while. We were never gone but Qbrick is now back with an end2end offering and the ambition to help you handle this new age of constant and growing video content hunger.

Read more about our offering on the pages relating to specific services here on your website.

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